Fire Force: Battle Of The Flame Road Is Now Available For iOS Japan iOS 

You didn't get enough of Fire Force's Season 2 ending? Funnily, the ED song animation of Fire Force Season became an inspiration for ORENDA's newest mobile game, Fire Force: Battle of The Flame Road. They replicated the whole animation and it's now available for iOS users in Japan!

Battle of The Flame Road a.jpg
Well, you've read it right. There's no announcement for a global release yet. As for Android users, you may still need to wait for a few more months to play the game. If you're interested to play tho, VPN will always be our friend when playing country-exclusive games. Enough of the sad news and let's dive into the game.

Battle of The Flame Road b.png

They really turned the ED animation into a game! But what exactly is your playing goal here? Well, you can choose to play as Shinra Kusakabe or Arthur Boyle to battle against the Infernals with the help of Special Fire Force Company 8. It's a sidescrolling action game so expect the controls to be easy.

Battle of The Flame Road c.png
The winning condition is simple - kill as many Infernals as fast as you can. As you progress, items that will help you survive or attack may drop when you defeat any Infernal. These items may recover your HP or may assist you in attacking the Infernals.

Well, that's all you need to do. I told you it's simple. It may seem like a regular game for casual players. But, for competitive players out there, aiming for the S rank at the end of every battle will be quiet a challenge. Before we end, here's the ED Song for Fire Force Season 2 so you can relive your memories of watching it.

Battle of The Flame Road d.png

Battle of The Flame Road e.png

The game is available on iOS JP users and it's free. For those who are searching for it in the App Store and you're probably wondering where it is, here's the link. Yep, the title is Japanese so it really won't come up if you search with an English name.

For those who are waiting for the global version, the chances are high due to the success of the anime. The game is now receiving good reviews from players so the developers might soon decide to give a global launch a try. Anyway, what do you think of this game? Did you enjoy the series? Are you also expecting a global launch?