Fire Heroes Tips and Facts


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Aug 7, 2018
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The history of the Fire Heroes begins after a great disaster. The supreme demon tried to enslave the world and subdue all the creatures, even sky lords. Dragons, whose magic was the most powerful couldn’t confront the demon. However, the Goddess came to the aid of the inhabitants of Caramsia and gave them the particle of the true flame - this is how the heroes appeared. United against monsters, flame heroes expelled the evil. Before fading, the demon predicted his return, and now he is back.

Fire Heroes is a world without restrictions and limits, which is a symbiosis of MMORPG and Turn-based strategy. You will see interesting locations, hot battles on the PVP-arena with real opponents, clans and even the opportunity to build your own harem of wonderful companions.

Dive into the amazing world where the magic is in the air! Powerful dragons, phantom companions summoned from another dimension, humans, elves, dwarves and even gods - they are waiting for you! Join the battle against ancient Evil which threatens Caramsia. Prove you are the Goddess’ chosen one and your destiny is to save the world!

Fire Heroes is an epic MMORPG with a tactical combat system. You will find:
  • more than 100 phantoms that will become your unstoppable army;
  • a huge open world to explore;
  • unique weapons and equipment that can be upgraded;
  • mindblowing PvP Arena fights!

Fire Heroes Tips and Facts

Phantoms can become your unstoppable army if you use them wisely. Summon phantoms from another dimension with special magical books, explore their strengths and weaknesses, create effective combinations - and you will reach the heights of power you can only imagine!

Fire Heroes has an extensive achievement system. You can get useful resources and pleasant bonuses for both the achievement of certain indicators in the game, and for being online.
  • Stay in the game for as long as possible - and you can get valuable resources, books to summon phantoms, game currency and other gifts.
  • Check in the game every day. The marks will sum up, which means that if you do not miss a single day, you will receive an additional reward!
  • Complete daily tasks and open activity chests. You can find there a variety of items to enhance your character.
  • Complete special tasks: increase your level, develop equipment and learn new techniques, clean the dungeons - and you will be richly rewarded! You can get gold, game resources, books of summoning and phantoms themselves, including very rare ones.
Forest dryad - the first type of evil, which appeared on Earth, and one of the rare phantoms. It is particularly popular with female spellcasters. It has the ability to heal wounds and restore health.

Phantom Summon Book is one of the most important items in the game. With it, you invoke phantoms and expand your combat capabilities. Books come in 4 types:
  • Bronze books give fragments of phantoms from which you can create full-fledged spirits;
  • Silver books allow invoking ordinary phantoms;
  • With the help of gold books you can call for more rare phantoms;
  • Epic books will call on your side the rarest, most unusual and powerful creatures.
To enhance your weapons, as well as get rid of unnecessary equipment, visit the local blacksmith. You need special items to make your weapon more powerful. The resources can be obtained during your adventures and by dismantling unnecessary weapons here in the forge.

Snow-covered ruins of ancient castles, dark forests full of dangers, luxurious halls and even flooded ships - in Fire Heroes, you will find a variety of locations to explore!

In Fire Heroes, there is a guild system. Each player can join an existing guild or create their own. Joining the guild will open up new opportunities for you, and will also become a source of useful items!

Charms are special hero skills that are used during combat, regardless of the order of the move. In total, the game features 16 types of charms, which are divided into combat and support.

New charms need to be unlocked and then improved. They can be obtained in the dungeons or during the adventures, as well as purchased in the Store.

Fire Heroes are so different: men and women, warriors and healers, phantom masters... Your destiny is in your arms! Be ready for battle You have a variety of weapons and equipment to choose from, and our release gifts will support you as well!

Nightmare is a powerful phantom of Darkness. Mysterious and gloomy, he only looks like a human. In fact, he is a creature from another world, which has mastered the power to control people's fears and terrify his enemies.

Fortunately, Nightmare can be on your side. He inflicts powerful magical damage, stuns enemies and draws vitality from them, transforming it into health.

Your relationships with phantoms affect their characteristics. To improve the phantom, you need to communicate with them in a special chat and give them gifts. Upon reaching a certain number of sympathy points, the phantom will receive a boost to stats.