First Engagement Strategies in VainGlory


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May 11, 2015
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New "FIRST ENGAGEMENT" strategies in 2.0, as seen in streams.. I suggest CAPTAINS take the lead and direct your team-mates, live up to the name and change the lazy meta.

Go directly in lane and gank the laner immediately, then do rotations.. This will put your laner ahead in farm early game.. Effective if enemy laner has low mobility

Jungle team will directly go to enemy mid heal camp and attempt to steal it, then do rotations.. Team must buy boots as 2nd item.. Effective if enemy jungle comp has slow clear time

Jungle team will directly steal enemy front minions, then do rotation backwards. This is also common in previous patches, but is not popular. The laner should stay safe cause of alternating rotations

After getting jungle farm, immediately port to buy an item, then repeat rotation.. Laner should stay cautious because enemy might try to gank after the 1st rotation.. This is good if you have faster clear farm cause you can cut them off at their heal camp in the 2nd rotation

After 1st rotation, jungle team can hide in enemy tribush if they are already in lane trying to gank the laner.. The laner should stay safe, and if enemy comes back to their side of the jungle, you have the surprise advantage.. This is good if your comp is good in early game

"The usual", after getting jungle farm, you go to lane and attempt a team fight or a gank if your clear is faster.. This is the most common in 2.0