Squad up! The first-ever raid, Project Titan, is now available in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon®.

All of the Ghost Recon Breakpoint players will be able to have this on all platforms, be it Xbox One, PS4, or PC. The first raid in franchise history will also be on Stadia later 2019.

This is a free update that will test your tactical skills, especially on how you will communicate with your team! Project Titan will allow you to face the hardest challenges there is in the game.

In order for you to access Project Titan, you only need to be on a four-man team for you to access the raid and a minimum Gear Score of 150. Public and private matchmaking is available in Project Titan. Mood matchmaking is also available if you do not have any parties to join with. There will be Ghosts that might be interested in the raid, you can choose in the menu and selecting the Raid option.

Regarding the Gear Score, once you’ve finished the main story mission, the fastest way to gear yourself up and be raid-ready are Aurora and Faction Missions. It takes on average around 30 hours of gameplay (including the main story) to reach Gear Score of 150.

When reaching checkpoints, the Raid will have predetermined checkpoints after each boss fight. Take note that progress made between checkpoints will not be maintained between sessions.

Raid progress and rewards will reset every Tuesday at 9 am UTC.

When you beat each boss for the first time in the weekly cycle, you will receive a number of rewards from the raid loot pool, including weapons, gear, customization items, and more. Items that are not weapons and gear (customization, titles, emblems, attachments, etc.) will drop once. Weapons and gear can have duplicate drops; however, they will vary in Gear Level or passives for non-signature items.

Repeating boss raids after you receive your weekly rewards will give you Skell Credits.

Take a look at some of these rewards:

• CTMMG Baal
• Vector Control Room
• BOSG12

• Assault
• Panther
• Sharpshooter
• Field Medic


Strategic Communication: Communication is absolutely essential in facing your opponents on Golem Island, as is your ability to successfully coordinate with the other Ghosts in your squad.

Environmental Adaptation: Each of the bosses in the raid will introduce new gameplay mechanics that will require precision and teamwork to overcome.

Plan Together: Rushing in without a plan will get you and your squad taken down. You will need to observe, learn, and adapt – don’t expect to beat the Golem Island drones on your first try.

"For those of you who are looking for a different experience, please be assured that we are still hard at work on the radical and immersive version of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon® Breakpoint. Project Titan is meant to challenge even the most veteran Ghosts. That being said, we will, of course, be closely monitoring player data and feedback after it is live. "

"Project Titan is our first major content addition since the launch of the game, and it will receive two additional modes in early 2020:"

"One mode will be an easier take, and therefore an ideal entry point for those new to raids. While it does not have the rewards of the standard version of the raid, you will be able to practice mechanics and gear up for higher levels of difficulty."

"The other mode will be a brutal challenge for our most experienced players. This difficulty will come with exclusive rewards for those Ghosts brave and skilled enough to try."

It already started in Auroa last November 28, so I bet a lot of you Ghosts are now enjoying it with your friends! This raid got me excited because this will (for sure) be their best one yet!