First Images of HIT 2, a PC and MMORPG sequel of HIT, has been released by Nexon

New cover images for the sequel of HIT, Heroes of Incredible Tales 2 (HIT 2), have been released by Nexon. These are the first images that Nexon released since the announcement of the game.


HIT 2 was first announced last September under the working title “Project XH”, it is a sequel to the mobile action RPG, HIT, also published by Nexon and developed by subsidiary NAT Games. HIT 2 is being developed as a full-fledged MMORPG for both mobile and PC.


Leading the development of HIT 2 is XH Studio. The team is under NAT Games and is made up of mostly original employees who have worked on the original HIT. The released images gave players a glimpse to the key locations of the game which are “Tria Field” and “Intera Castle”.


One of the main features of HIT 2 are the PVP battles. Nexon aims to release the game later this year with its pre-registration starting within the second quarter of 2022. Good news is there will be a global server that is also set to launch.