First in-depth look of Riot Games’ upcoming assist-based fighting game Project L revealed!

As Project L was introduced back in 2019, Riot Games has been secretive about this unknown game that already has been in development before it was introduced at the Evo 2019.

project l.jpg

It seems that the game is ready to be “reintroduced” to the fans as the fighting game community (FGC) figureheads, Evo Championship founders, and Project L project leads Tom and Tony Cannon made an update regarding the progress of Project L.

The project leads made it clear that Project L is still too far out for its official release date but the development team is ready to share some more gameplay footage and insight about how they are developing Project L as a 2D assist-based fighter.

In the game, players will have to control two different champions from the world of Runeterra using a tag-in and assist mechanics. The goal of the core combat is to let players have a solid foundation of gameplay mechanics that will let them have full control of how creative they want to be in combat.

In line with that approach, Project L will feature a control style that is easy to pick up but will have enough depth to let players get engaged with and master it.

Part of the designing for the champions in Project L is acquiring their iconic moves and abilities from League of Legends and other media, and then developing it to adapt its core to a fighting game. This also means that the champions in Project L are designed to let players have that flexibility in how they can use them in the game. This approach is achieved by making the champion's design centered on their core elements.

“One of the delights of fighting games is seeing top players move and fight in a way that is inspiring and distinct from lesser skilled players,” Tom Cannon said. “We want to set that aspirational summit and build a steadily increasing difficulty curve to get you there. This isn’t about building a game where new players have a chance to beat the pros. It’s about unlocking the fun at all skill levels.”