First teaser trailer for Zenonia Chronobreak has been revealed

Fans of single-player mobile RPGs will likely be familiar with the long-running Zenonia series, the most recent of which, Zenonia 5, was released more than ten years ago but is still accessible for download and play on both Google Play and the App Store. Zenonia Chronobreak, a mobile MMORPG, has been released for the franchise.

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In 2020, Gamevil first presented the game under the name World of Zenonia, but no additional details were provided beyond the title, which was eventually modified. According to the most recent information, Zenonia Chronobreak will now apparently be a blockchain game, most likely as a result of Com2uS Holdings' anticipated 2021 takeover of the studio. The two blockchain games would be released after Com2uS's own blockchain platform.

Zenonia Chronobreak, a multi-platform MMORPG by Com2uS that was just recently officially revealed, is based on the well-known mobile RPG series Zenonia. The company was formerly published by Gamevil, but Com2uS has since taken over. The subtitle "Chronobreak" emphasizes the fact that characters and aspects from earlier films are planned to appear.


Fans of Zenonia are understandably upset by the news, especially since the cryptocurrency market hasn't fully recovered from its collapse last year. The good news for Gamevil is that fans are now more inclined to revisit earlier games to satisfy their mobile RPG craving.

As Zenonia Chronobreak's release date approaches, we'll undoubtedly get a better idea of how the game will play and whether the general consensus will change.

We believe a local Korean Closed Beta is more plausible, even though Com2uS promised a second quarter launch (April to June 2023). Follow us for updates! The game's previous name was World of Zenonia.