First thread NOT about free gems... - new war database!

Discussion in 'Clash of Clans' started by Reservoir Hog, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Reservoir Hog

    Reservoir Hog
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    Team: Reservoir Hogs

    Hey guys, check out this new resource, which will be interesting and useful for all war playing clans, as it allows you to learn some hidden information about your opponents.

    tampok na ito:
    - Tingnan ang mga pagkalugi at kumukuha at din history digmaan. Kahit na para sa clans na may data pribadong digmaan!
    - Pinakamahusay na winning streak Ranking. Ang iyong panalo magbahid ay remembered kahit na matapos mawala ang.
    - Ang pinakamahusay na win streak ranggo para lamang sa clans na may matitigas na mga digmaan.
    - War kahirapan pagkalkula para sa anumang clan.
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  2. Ferdy

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    Team: DARKZERO

    Mga sir gid eve po... May ittanong lng sna ako paano ako mkkakuha ng gems sa COC may alam ba kayo na pmamaraan at mgkano?

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