First YouCheese's PUBG Tournament in Pampanga

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    YouCheese's first PUBG Tournament!

    WHEN: December 8, 2018
    TIME: 2 pm onwards
    WHERE: TriplePlayHub; 3rd floor Quintos Building B. Mendoza St. Sto Rosario, City of San Fernando, Pampanga

    Winning prizes may vary depending on the players' preferred registration fee, PRIZES MAY GO UP TO 15,000 CHEESE COINS PER GAME.

    Registration Fee:
    20, 50, 100, & 300 cheese coins per game

    Registration Process:
    1. Download YouCheese App.
    2. Register on YouCheese App and connect your PUBG ID.
    3. Like and Share this post
    4. Like our Facebook page :

    All YouCheese's PUBG Tournament will be entertained on our facebook page. Players may register today until December 8, 2018.[​IMG]

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