Fischl DPS Guide for Midgame, Electro Chuuni Powerhouse PC iOS Android 

As one of the featured characters in the Venti Banner that is currently going on, Fischl is probably one of the more common characters as some people might have failed to get Venti or got this Electro Chuuni along the way. While it might not be your goal, trust me, Fischl can be as powerful as your famed 5-star can be given the proper equipment, and I will show you how.

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What I am about to talk about is my build regarding Fischl, while it is not a build I specifically made, it is quite proven to do big damage against enemies in the game. We will talk about her weapons, artifacts, and talents and slowly show how she can work fantastically in your team. Before we begin, let me just say, it's all about damage.

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First, let us talk about weapons, for a DPS Fischl it is no doubt that the best weapon out there for her is the Rust which specializes in dealing huge amounts of damage. Its famed passive makes it good for rapid firing against enemies but decreased damage when you used it for aimed shots. Since you plan to go the best physical damage for Fischl, this is a great weapon for her.

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Meanwhile, if you did not get lucky as I am in the gacha, the Compound Bow is a great weapon for Fischl. Make sure you have a Northlander Bow Prototype, White Iron Chunks, and Crystal Chunks. Construct this weapon to get amazing increased damage in normal AND aimed shots. Very amazing weapon overall for Fischl. Choose either of these two for her weapons.

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As for her artifacts, it is without a doubt that we should make her have high damage to ensure that she stomps anyone in her way. I am currently using a Berserker and Gladiator's Finale 2-piece. These artifact 2-piece bonuses bring the best out of damage in Fischl. Bonus points if it contains a crit chance and crit bonus damage along the way. Those stats will devastate Fischl's enemies as you can hit 1.5k and above damage just by simply attacking the enemies with your basic attack. Now, imagine having Oz deal more damage. In the future, if you wish to deal more electro-damage, it does not hurt to get the Thundering Fury 2-piece or even 4-piece which can be obtained in the Abyssal Domains of the Spiral Abyss. The Electro Damage will definitely help your shots and your elemental skills too.

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"This should really be higher"

Finally, learn to utilize and level her talents. You can increase your damage and other stats along the way as you level her talents. Her normal attacks can be affected by her first talent while her elemental skill and elemental burst can be further improved in the talents as well. Just prepare to have Teachings and Guides to "Ballad" and Firm and Strong Arrowheads as Talent Materials.

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It is obvious that you should level your Fischl to receive the best damage there is, once you see that you can get 1k or more damage with her, proc her skills with Amber's Rain of Arrows and Venti's Cyclone and you will see how good you'll do especially if you trigger electro-based reactions.

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Normal attacks hit hard, now imagine a constant 1k from aimed shots and elemental reactions. That is how good Fischl is and it is no surprise why she is. Join the Genshin Impact Philippines discussion now!

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