FMV Thriller Title Erica is Coming To PC Via Steam on May 25

Unearth the shocking truth about Erica's memories with the traumatic events of her childhood dragged back into the light via grisly new clues.


Erica is a live-action, full-motion video thriller that puts you directly at the heart of the mystery. It is the story of a young lady named Erica who struggles with the traumatic memories of her father's untimely murder, which then forces her to investigate the past because of her visions and mind-bending nightmares.

It will be an interactive, FMV thriller where each choice you make has its own consequence and will influence how the game's ending will develop. It will provide players with a whole new experience with multiple endings awaiting them at the finale of the gripping branching narrative. Your choice, your consequence.


Publisher and developer Flavourworks has announced that the dark FMV mystery will be launching on PC via Steam on May 25 for $11.99 (PHP 582.85). The devs also announced that it will have a 10% discount available upon its release.

Flavourworks co-founder Jack Attride said in a press release that, "With Erica, we’ve made a breakthrough in terms of taking cinematic live action video games to new heights. The way that the world is tactile, that transitions are seamless, and the marriage of film and gameplay is harmonious, leads us to believe that we have redefined what FMV can be."

The game initially launched for PlayStation 4 via the PlayStation Store in August 2019, before hitting iOS App Store in January 2021. The PS4 version was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment and owns the trademark. However, this time, Sony will not be receiving any publishing rights for Erica since Flavourworks will be the sole publisher of the game on PC. This is according to the game's Steam page.

There aren't much fans of FMV titles because of its limited interaction and replay value. But Erica on the other hand has gained popularity because of its intriguing mystery and cinematic quality. The PC port of Erica will transition the PS4's "Touch Video" tech from the Dual Shock 4 to mouse, and will be featuring the original adventure in its entirety.
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