Football Manager 2017 Is Free To Play This Weekend PC 

Football Manager 2017 will be free to play this weekend on steam announced by Publisher Sega. That means PC users can access the full Football Manager experience without charge until Sunday, March 26 at noon PST / 3 PM ET / 8 PM GMT. The perennial strengths of Football Manager are stronger than ever, yet it’s the furtive improvements to the match engine that really set Football Manager 2017 apart from its immediate predecessor.

In a blog post, Sega promises this free trial grants players unrestricted access to the game, including the stripped-down Classic Mode and the dream team-style Fantasy Draft. The latter has you manage a squad packed with the world's biggest stars, with the ability to challenge your friends online. The game's tablet and smartphone versions (called Touch and Mobile, respectively) do not appear to be on offer.

source via FootBall Manager News