For Honor Season Pass and Deluxe Edition Content PS4 

Girard Bauyon

Newbie Gamer
Feb 27, 2017
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Hi guys. I recently got the For Honor Collector's Edition for PS4 and it included the season pass and the deluxe edition content. My problem is, I can only get the content by using an asian account. On my PS4, I use a Candiana ccount to play and a US account as my primary which I use to buy games and dlcs. I don't want to use an asian account as my primary just to get the dlc, so if anyone has a US season pass and deluxe edition content code, can anyone please trade with me?

PS - please tell me if I just have to make an asian account and use that as my primary to get the dlc, becasue if I really have no choice, i might do that