For Honor Update Arrives Today PC PS4 XBox One 

For Honor new update announced by Ubisoft launches today for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 giving the people a new map to clash with and adjusting the Steel income values among other things. First, the update adds the River Fort map, which was previously removed. Update also includes system will be more stabilized for more efficient gaming experience.

Rundown of what's changing, as written by Ubisoft:
  • All matches Steel income are increased by 25%
  • Daily Orders Steel income are increased by 33%
  • Side Orders Steel income are increased by 50%
  • Community Orders Steel rewards are increased from 500-1000 to 2000 Steel
Today's For Honor update also adds new customization options for Heroes, including "Battlefield Chic" outfits for Knights, the "Death Ravens" costumes for Vikings, and "Death Blossoms" outfits for Samurai.

source via For Honor News

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