Former Closers veterans First look at new mobile RPG game art - Outerplane

Last year, the Korean gaming powerhouse secured a publishing contract with VA Games (regions unknown) for its debut mobile game, Outerplane. VA Games is a new firm created in 2019 by a small group of developers that worked together for nearly 5 years on Closers, a PC anime action game. The main character has previously worked for NCsoft and XLGAMES! VA Games has progressively grown, and Outerplane presently employs 40 people.


The premise for Outerplane, according to the developers, centres around the current hot anime topic, isekai, in which ordinary people are summoned to an alternative fantasy realm. They said that there aren't many isekai-themed mobile games on the market aside from Rise of the Shield Hero and Re:Zero. Outerplane's entire ambiance, albeit developed in an anime manner, will be "different" from the hilarious KonoSuba.


There are individuals in the game who are called not only from the current "actual" world, but also from the future and even outer space! VA Games has stated that new characters with very distinct themes will be introduced. This will allow users to form unique teams and explore and adventure in the game's yet-to-be-named environment.


The conventional turn-based combat system will be used in Outerplane. Since the core crew worked on Closers, they aim to give battles an added element of "action." The aerial combo system is one example. It's a turn-based game, but players may throw adversaries into the air and deal a sequence of combination damage if specific criteria are met. When the gauges are full, the game will include a "skill chain system," in which team members can attack in order.

The skill chain system is a significant feature that not only showcases outstanding graphics effects, but also disrupts boss monsters' "rampage and death patterns," which I assume implies attack patterns, and players may cast skills to disrupt powerful boss strikes. Outerplane is being created in full 3D animation utilizing the Unity engine.
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