Former EA developers are now working on Legions & Legends, a new blockchain collectibles and combat RPG

Legions & Legends announced a gacha RPG with blockchain-related features. This will be Azra Games' debut game. It was founded by the creators of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Mark Otero, one of the co-founders, has also previously worked on the Dragon Age, Battlefield, and Mass Effect franchises.


The game takes inspiration from a variety of sources, including Dungeons & Dragons lore, Warhammer 40K lore and collectibles, and the feeling of playing with friends. According to Otero, they are attempting to recreate the unique experience of battling with your toys, but using modern space and technology.


Legions & Legends takes place in the Corvus Galaxy, an unexplored area of the universe where magic and technology collide. As players explore the region, they discover that they are not the first adventurers to try to conquer the galaxy, and that they have unearthed a series of mysteries surrounding a massive war. In the coming months, more information about the story and battle experience will be revealed.

Azra's "Genesis Collection" NFTs, which will be minted on Ethereum, will be available for purchase this summer, allowing players to begin their journey into the Corvus Galaxy. These NFTs can be used to generate in-game resources for the upcoming Legions & Legends battle experience, which will be released on an Ethereum-based level 2 blockchain later this year.

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