Forsaken World: Gods and Demons - Mobile Open World MMORPG Officially Launched iOS Android 

Yoozoo Games finally launched Forsaken World: Gods and Demons last November 9 on both Android and iOS. It is a mobile open-world fantasy MMORPG developed by Perfect World Games. Original players that came from the PC version of the Forsaken World will see the similarity between the PC and mobile versions. The classes, including the unique class of Vampire, are included in the game.


There are a lot of other MMOs out there that offer the same features just as much as Forsaken World: Gods and Demons can offer. We've already seen open-world environments, flying mounts, flashy gears, and character customizations from other mobile MMOs. The only difference is how this game did it. If you're familiar with how the classic MU Online or Cabal lured players into an addiction just by having those shiny shimmering armor and weapon sets, then you already know what you're getting into here.



Oh, did I just say mounts? They got it too! Enjoy your adventure with the help of your trusty mount. Well, just like any other mounts, it helps you travel faster and probably fly you to the moon too. And did I just say fly? Yes! You thought those cute wings are just fake wings for cosmetics? Hell no. You'll use it to properly explore the vast open-world environment, or probably just to enjoy the view after diving from a high cliff.


To give you a clearer idea of what this game is, just take a look at how the old MMO browser game works such as League of Angels and SAO's Legend. It has an auto quest finder wherein the only thing you need to do is click the quest on the left side of the screen then watch your character do everything else. It got all these fancy stuff like mounts, pets, cosmetics, and character customizations to reel cash in.


Aside from the auto-quest, it does also have an auto-battle feature. Just as I have said earlier, all you need to do is watch. The only particular thing that I found interesting in this game is the class system. It seems that each class has an upgrade aside from the equipment upgrades. Alright, I'll be honest. The game is a P2W game but if you're like me who still plays the game just for enjoyment, the game can still offer you a decent amount of it without you spending any amount of money. The downside, as always, you won't be able to compete against paying players on the ranking board.


We've been talking about the ranking board already so why not go ahead and push it through. Welcome to the PVP content of Forsaken World! This is where the main PVP content goes. You join a guild, you help it build a Guild Fortress, and voila! You got yourself a PVP team, ready to fight alongside you. It's somehow goofy knowing that your guild's strength fully relies on how well-built you and your teammates are.


If you're wondering how you'll get a good headstart despite knowing that this is a P2W game, then check out the pre-registration milestone rewards available for all the players right now. You need to act fast and start playing as early as possible to get the rewards. It reached the 1M milestone and that means every player will get an Artifact called Titan's Hammer. If you're into cute pets, then take a look at the 750,000 milestone reward where the Ironfist Wraith awaits.


That's it! Remember what I said about the difference between this and other mobile MMOs? Yes, they outdid them all in terms of character design and class system. Forsaken World: Gods and Demons is indeed a great mobile game, but I'll give it an honest review as a player - it's enjoyable as a F2P player if you'll invest a small amount of time doing auto-quests while doing other important things in your life. The game is available on both Android and iOS. As always, I'll leave the important links down below for you to check out.


For the final part, I'm giving all the credits to Yoozoo Games, Perfect World Games, as well as the Forsaken World: Gods and Demons Facebook team for the images and content I've used. We wish your game success and may the other F2P players like me find it enjoyable as much as I did. And, for the patient readers who made it here, the links are all yours!

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