Fortnite Battle Royale Season 6 is here! [Details + Patch notes] PC 

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Mike Ols

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Aug 30, 2016
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Season 6 arrives in Battle Royale and brings new goodies with it! Uncover what’s in the new Battle Pass, explore an updated island with Pets, and become one with the shadows with a new consumable. Join in on the Cram Session mini-event in Save the World and learn more about a new enemy that has appeared from the Storm.

Battle Pass(Battle Royale)

New Season, new Battle Pass. 100 levels, over 100 new rewards. Available in-game right now for 950 V-Bucks. Find out more information on this season's Battle Pass here.

Pets (Battle Royale)

Always have a friend watching your back when you drop in. Pets are now available in-game!

Shadow Stones (Battle Royale)

Embrace the darkness with this new consumable that can be found around the map.

Updated Map (Battle Royale)

Islands floating, crops growing, Storm approaching. Changes have happened all over the map, glide in to find all of them now.

Riot Husky (Save the World)

A new enemy approaches from the Storm and they’ve come prepared. Taking this enemy head-on may be tricky!

Cram Session (Save the World)

Exciting things are on the way to Save the World. To celebrate, join in on the Cram Session mini-event and earn additional rewards!

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