Fortnite Forum


Mar 4, 2015
Welcome to the Fortnite Philippines gaming community, here are the type post and topics we encourage users to participate into.

Official Updates and Announcements
Fortnite updates literally come out every week from game patches and season passes, we encourage users to discuss them here. If you have game leaks well shoot for it and keep posting.

Gameplay Tactics and Strategies
If you have game strategies or play styles why not share it with everyone like keyboard bindings and other building tips.

Fortnite eSports
Epic games announced that Fortnite's eSports tournaments will have a 100M prize pool so that means more upcoming tournaments. Feel free to talk about upcoming your favorite teams and players.

Looking for Squad or Duos
Playing alone is boring so why not matchup not everyone is always only so we made a forum thread specifically for players to find other Filipino gamers. So to start simple post the time of availability and in-game name.

Fortnite Rants
Filipinos are known for speaking out so we encourage you to share game stories about what made you frustrated.

Bugs and Problems
Even though epic games keeps patching the game there might still be prevalent bugs or problems so we encourage you to talk about them here example the current bloom features which frustrate hardcore fps players.

So post away here