Fortnite Galaxy Skin Trick, Operation Stormy Island, Perfect World Mobile and more


Mar 4, 2015
Weekly Gaming Update by Pinoy Gamer! Let's talk about Sanhok on PUBG Mobile 0.8, Fortnite Galaxy Skin Trick, Operation Stormy Island battle royal by Netease, Perfect World Mobile, Acer Predator Thronos, Scum and Battlefield V delay.

Fortnite Galaxy Skin
  • Because Fortnite Android made an exclusive partnership with samsung
  • Players are using demo phones to unlock the galaxy skin without buying the new devices
  • What this mean is players are going to phone vendors that sell samsung devices to download Fortnite and get the exclusive
  • here is the process just in case you are interested
    • Download Fortnite on Galaxy Note 9 oor Tab S4
    • Install then Open
    • Once logged in play at least three matchers
    • You don't have to finish the match you can quit the match and it will still be counted
    • then wait 24~48 hours and you will receive the galaxy skin
  • sneaky! pag nahuli kayo wag nyo kame sisihin haha
  • Currently epic hasn't banned this accounts but according to reports retail vendors are keeping a close watch
  • So if sinita ka sabhin mo is tinetest ko lang yung phone haha

Acer Predator Thronos
  • For our Tech news
  • Acer Unveiled its gaming chair called Predator Thronos
  • and omg this chair looks like its out of a science fiction movie
  • The chair is built with a 1.5 meter steel structure with dual black tone ascents
  • Predator Thronos cabin can recline up to 140 degrees
  • with an overhead brace has support for three 27-inch gaming monitors
  • there is currently no release date or price but this is definitely for rich people

  • The overwhelmingly realistic survival game SCUM is now available in early-access
  • and it's already on the top 10 of steam game stats with 50k peek players
  • To those who don't know Scum is an open world survival multiplayer game with 64 players per server
  • - Scum is so realistic that there is a health tracking system to check the characters attributes like metabolism and dexterity
  • According to the developers they’ve created the most realistic simulation of the human metabolic system ever made
  • Because on Scum you will have to watch what you eat in the game as it will result on your character requiring to pee, poop, vomit, and sometimes getting a diarrhea
  • So if you are interested in this types of game you can check it out on Steam

Operation Stormy Island
  • A new Chinese themed battle royal called Operation Stormy Island is being developed by Netease
  • The game features a multi hero action that combines action and survival competition
  • Based from the trailer the characters are designed like anime characters each with different sets of skills and abilities
  • Operation Stormy Island will have MMORPG elements like collecting resource and equipments, riding mounts, and farming monsters for treasure chest and many more
  • It is also mentioned that the games map will have a Spring and Autumn season
  • The game features multi hero meaning you can select a hero that suits your playstyle while each round will have 50 players competing
  • There is no word on the release date however,
  • The game is currently on beta for Android, you can download it on the taptap website if you are interested

Battlefield V delayed
  • EA has delayed the release of Battlefield V to November 20, this will affect PS4, PC and Xbox One
  • According to Dice the delay is for them to make final adjustments on the core gameplay as well as fully delivering on the Tides of War live service model
  • but we can't help speculate that this move is due to the poor pre order sales of the game and don't forget that the initial release date is close to Red Dead Redemption 2 and Black Ops 4
  • eager fans will have to wait more, but to be honest this is a good move
  • because the thing is you don't release a game when rockstar releases a game have you seen GTA V?
  • anyways the Battlefield V open beta will be held on September 6 so you can try it for yourself if the game is for you or not

Perfect World Mobile
  • Do you remember the classic MMORPG Perfect World?
  • Well it has been announced that the game is getting a mobile version
  • This was announced at the annual Tencent UP event
  • The game is developed by the Perfect World Games and is touted to be the next generation aerial combat
  • so we can expect lots of aerial combat
  • Perfect World Mobile will have 5 races with 6 classes
  • There is no current release date but Tencent announced that Perfect World Mobile is scheduled to launch later this year

PUBG Mobile 0.8
  • According to PUBG Mobile developers, Sanhok will be included in the PUBG Mobile 0.8 version Update
  • To those who don't know Sanhok is a map inspired from the islands of Thailand and Philippines
  • as it has a tropical jungle setting with juts, lush green vegetation and rainy weather
  • Sanhok is also smaller so enemy encounters are much more faster compared to other maps
  • Sanhok is also the first map where BATTLEGROUNDS implemented a dynamic circle which calculates the number of players alive to check if the blue zone will move faster or slower
  • As of now that's the only mentioned feature that will be included on PUBG Mobile 0.8
  • and currently there is no timeline mentioned by Tencent for the release date
  • so stay tuned for more details when we get more info