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Aug 22, 2022
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If you're having trouble getting into the outdoors right now, then it might be worth heading into Fortnite for some fun with friends! What better way to spend time with each other than to play a rousing game of hide and seek. There are a lot of great maps out there that allow for this kind of fun, so we're taking a look at the best hide and seek codes available!

  • City Park Prop Hunt: 4760-0262-7171
  • Mountain Mansion Hide & Seek: 3548-1991-7161
  • Hunted: 9664-2134-4038
  • Borderlands Infection Hide & Seek: 4819-8403-7360
  • Modern City Hide & Seek: 7477-6379-1293
  • Summer House Prop Hunt: 9333-9129-4841
  • Mansion Mayhem Hiding Game: 7035-2787-5434
  • Hide & Seek Among the Pharaohs: 7477-6379-1293
  • Prop Hunt - Wizards Great Hall: 1474-2507-3173
  • The Props that Stole Christmas: 7115-2100-1957
  • Prop Hunt - Zig Zag Zoo: 3957-6223-5002
Fortnite Is HIDING This..