Fortnite Is Officially Removed In Google Play and Apple Store and Here Is The Reason Why

Popular battle royale game Fortnite has been removed from both app store platform for Android and iOS recently as game developer Epic did something that seems to be breaking the rules of contract between the abovementioned platforms.

Fortnite a.jpg

According to the reports, the said removal of Fortnite sprang from the suddenly business move of Epic where players can purchase the in-game virtual currency V-Bucks with discounts through them directly which effectively cut down both app store with 30% profit from Fortnite. Comparing the price in the said app store against the discounted price by Epic makes it good news for players who want this currency at the most affordable price. But seeing this as a clear violation of terms and conditions, Apple and Google agree to finally take down Fortnite for good on their own store which Epic didn't really expect to happen at all.

But Fortnite's developer takes their revenge humorously by making fun of what happened through lambasting Apple with a humorous video that imitates the 1984 ad of Apple Mac and thus igniting once more another old war between these giants in the gaming and apps arena. One can remember back in 2018 that Epic also incites a sort of war against Google by publicly announcing to players to buy Fortnite through them instead in Google Store.

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They are also the first ones to take legal action regarding the incident as they announced later after the official removal of their prized game that they will sue Apple for removing Fortnite in their game store.

The commotion between the three gives way to another scrutiny on how really fair these two app stores when it comes to treating their consumers as well as competitors. Even the issue of Spotify against the alleged unfairness of Apple was once again brought up due to this.

For the meantime, gamers can still play Fortnite on their phones whether in Android or in iOS. Those who downloaded it before its removal in both app stores will not be affected while for the rest, you can download the game directly at Epic website.