Fortnite takes down Call of Duty-themed Creative 2.0 maps after DMCA notice issued by Activision

With the most recent version of Fortnite Creative 2.0, fans unleashed their talents and imagination, but it's time they kept it to their original works. According to recent events, some Fortnite Creative 2.0 fan favorite maps that resembled other well-known games were quickly removed after DMCA takedowns for copyright violation.


Since the release of Creative 2.0, designers have started training themselves to use the tools to produce incredible maps. Yet, a few of the user-created maps, such FPS Rust, Zombies, and others, were influenced by Call of Duty-themed maps. Despite being well-liked among game enthusiasts, these COD-inspired maps are no longer playable as a result of Activision's DMCA takedowns.

Epic Games had earlier warned authors to abide by the UEFN rules and refrain from utilizing it to design copyright content. Also, they have cautioned creators that breaking the rules could result in takedowns and other penalties. It was announced on Twitter by a user going by the handle "MistJawa" that he had erased all Call of Duty-inspired maps and would no longer be producing infringing content. He promised the players that the shooter and zombie modes would feature original works of art.

With the help of Creative 2.0, many people had been showcasing their creativity and technical prowess, and a ton of ideas had already begun flowing. Even a personalized live event was teased by one of the users of Creative 2.0. At this rate, there are many opportunities for people to use UEFN to develop and enjoy original content without stealing the IP of other games.


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I've been seeing Fortnite a lot for quite some time now. I think it will be good to check it out and give it a try. This update or improvement made me even more intrigued. Definitely a fun game especially its pretty well-known