Fortnite's Floating Island is on the move!

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    The mysterious island floating above Loot Lake in Fortnite has started moving, though to exactly what end remains unclear. For those that haven't been keeping up with the latest happenings in Fortnite, a strange purple cube appeared in the game and plunged itself into Loot Lake just before the start of Season 6. Once the season kicked off, however, it floated into the air, taking a chunk of land up there with it.

    Currently, the cube and the attached island seems to be just moving between locations on the Fortnite map. Fans have speculated that the it's moving between the runes that the cube left on the map towards the end of Season 5, before it dropped into Loot Lake. Data miners also seem to have discovered evidence that, in addition to travelling around the map, the cube will grow in size. A folder called "CubeGrowth" has been discovered in game files, which could lend further weight to the speculation that this is all part of upcoming event that developer Epic Games is planning.

    Fortnite's FNBRLeaks :

    As previously stated, Season 6 of Fortnite has kicked off and there have been some pretty significant changes to the game. In addition to a few new areas on the map--some thanks in part to the cube, again--Epic has also introduced a number of new items, including Pets. While they are undoubtedly the cutest new addition, you'll probably be wanting to see all the cool new skins and cosmetics, and we have a Season 6 rewards gallery for that. If you need help unlocking these, you can complete Fortnite's latest challenges using our Season 6 challenge roundup.


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