Four New Games Has Been Inducted As New World Video Game Hall of Famer This 2020

Video game like music and celebrity has become a huge part of the popular culture ever since the start of its Golden Era. Who would have thought that those 8-bit, pixelated characters will start a revolution which will last for a lifetime not only to the geeks but to everyone who one way or another experience the joy and wonder of playing his or her first Arcade Game and blasting all AI enemies to smithereens or beating that insane high-score?

This is the reason why The Strong Museum in New York has been honoring different video games that have been released before up until now. These include not only the popular as per sales but also those who greatly contribute to both the video game industry and in the world culture which made them deserving to be included in the infamous World Video Game Hall of Fame. Recently, they added 4 new additional titles to be Inducted in their prestigious Hall of Fame base from the total votes of the public and their International Selection Advisory Committee.

Want to know who are they? Dig in and let's find out!


Perhaps the one who initially make the tile-matching puzzle genre a classic, Bejeweled endure the test of time and become an inspiration to a whole new batch of popular casual and puzzle games like Candy Crush. Starting its first release in 2001 for browser, it went on a steady trip to various platforms until it landed on mobile phones around 2006. Afterward, it spans many sequels and spins off games. And of course, it's undeniable too that so many clones have been released which takes a lot of elements from the newly inducted puzzle game.


Before the introduction of game consoles, Arcade Machines are the first to give us a taste of pure video game bliss for only a quarter of coins. Everyone is probably guilty of getting hooked with those during the beginning of the video game's Golden Era. Among the few titles that are truly unforgettable is the Atari's very own shooter game Centipede. Its objective is pretty straightforward; shoot down bug enemies from scorpion to centipede using your trusty magic wand called Bug Blaster as they arrive above the screen. Sound simple but as you continue entering new levels, prepare your patience for countless deaths since the enemy also progresses and starts flooding your screen until you go head-to-head with the big worm itself. Centipede only proves that even with simple mechanics can make a video game an instant classic.

King's Quest

King's Quest catapulted the game developer Sierra Entertainment into the elite list of the game developers ever since its release. It's one of the adventure game that produces a long list of the sequel until it reaches its reboot phase in 2015. Set in a world as if straight from a medieval tale, you will be venturing in a journey that throws you into various royal tribulations and supernatural beings. The game banks on its point and click system, engaging storyline, and puzzle-solving feature using the items you will acquire along your adventure. King's Quest was revolutionary on its initial release for introducing a 3D-like graphics and animations of the characters which are new for someone who is accustomed to simple pixel games before. Later on, it will receive a reboot that follows the story of Graham towards his quest for knighthood. King's Quest throughout the years has become a forefather of point and click adventure game that still making some noises until this period.


Last but not the least in our list is no other than Minecraft, the ultimate sandbox game that continuously bends and breaks everyone's imagination with so many possibilities within the game itself. From creating your own world down to building your own mini-game, Minecraft seems to be unstoppable in becoming one of the biggest games in the world with its upcoming spin-off Minecraft Dungeons. The main reason perhaps why Minecraft is so big that even celebrity Youtuber like Pewdiepie is totally engrossed to it is the limitless activities you can do from it like exploration, adventure, mining, spectating, and of course building whatever you think of. Minecraft is a living proof that you don't need jaw-dropping graphics to make your way to the Hall of Famer; sometimes the concept is enough to keep the players coming back.

Wanted to nominate your all-time fave video game? You can visit The Strong National Museum site and list down the title you wanted to have the chance to be displayed in their museum of World Video Game Hall of Famer.