FPS RPG? Elder Scrolls: Blades Available Now On Android

One of the longest and successful RPG series from the developer Bethesda (developers of the widely-acclaimed game Skyrim), Elder Scrolls, has now finally arrived on the shore of mobile gaming which now let us experience its patented FPS-style RPG underneath our thumb. You heard it right! It may sound a bit strange but Elder Scroll: Blades did a good job in making its gameplay translated perfectly on your phone.

The game is a spin-off to the original Elder Scrolls series where you will be playing one of the few surviving members of the elite group Blades after the Great War. From here, you will seek refuge from your utterly destroyed hometown which most of the questing and dungeon crawling will start with.

Blades' main bread and butter is the hack and slash action and dungeon exploration from ruins to old forts which allows you to experience its crisp graphics and orchestra-like music to set your mood in slaying variety of monsters. The quest is plenty and the main one has a good story to follow as you search the whereabouts of the Blood fall Queen who makes your town nearly taste its destruction when you are away with your comrades at Blade.

Aside from the usual monster-slaying business, you are also tasked to build once more your town by collecting resources like lumbers to rebuild all the destroyed structures from the homestead down to the Smith shop which will be vital for your character growth. It is quite refreshing that they add town-building gameplay to break off from the mundane dungeon crawling. Customization is also topnotch at Blade where you can decide what your character will look like in the game through choosing among the more than ten races (from orcs down to a lizard-like race) with each having their own racial bonus buff.

Upon leveling up, you can choose whether you wanted to invest in Magicka or Stamina which will be a deciding factor whether you wanted to learn spells or stamina-based skills like Flee or Power Attack. There is also the Perks that give you added passive buff. Weapons can be found in dungeons or forged through the smith witch a chance of giving them elemental attributes.

Other features that you can indulge with in Blades are the Abyss which let explore a special dungeon with increasing difficulty in each floor, Arena Battle against other players, and the Guild system.

So far the only problem that you might encounter in the game is moderate to severe lag whenever you are engaged in combat or even just by walking. The loading from entering and leaving dungeons might also take too long. But this can be solved by the developer in the future by developers. Another concern is the mechanics in combat which a bit off at first (holding down the screen and releasing it to perform an attack instead of simply doing a "slash" motion on it).

Yet in general, Elder Scroll: Blades manages to replicate its PC version innate vibes and its unique mechanics has a great potential to let mobile gamers today to experience the entertainment value brought by the previous Elder Scrolls series.

You can now download Elder Scroll: Blades at Google Play for free with in-app purchases available for the early advantage. Tell us your comment and thoughts down below and let us know what do you think about this mobile port of Elder Scrolls series.