Free 3-hour Trial Gameplay of Watch Dogs 2 PS4 XBox One 

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will be given a chance by Ubisoft to play Watch Dogs 2 for free being party of the limited time trial. Players can explore the game’s single-player and multiplayer for up to three hours, according to a post on the Ubisoft blog. Ubisoft said that Watch Dogs 2 will be free 3 hours trial that will include full access to all of the game features including the seamless co op and multiplayer gameplay.

Players’ experience during the trial will carry over to the full version of the game, should they choose to purchase Watch Dogs 2. The trial requires a full download of the game, which requires 25 to 28 GB of storage space, Ubisoft says. Watch Dogs 2’s trial is available to download for PS4 via the PlayStation Store today. Xbox One owners can download it starting Jan. 24.

source via polygon

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