Free access to all characters, Clash Squad enhancements, and the new Free Fire Tales chapter ALVARO: Reignition to roll out in March

Free Fire has rolled out its latest patch update that will feature major enhancements to character systems and skills, Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes, the addition of one new gameplay mode, and more.

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Free access to all characters, Clash Squad enhancements, and the new Free Fire Tales chapter ALVARO: Reignition to roll out in March
  • All Free Fire characters can now be unlocked with gold as an alternative to diamonds, and will come with maximized skill abilities for players to explore diverse characters and skills freely
  • Players will also earn extra Protection Points in the enhanced Clash Squad mode
  • Dive into the latest Free Fire Tales chapter, ALVARO: Reignition, which revolves around demolitionist Alvaro from 24 Mar to 6 Apr

From 24 March to 6 April, players can also check out the latest Free Fire Tales chapter, ALVARO: Reignition. Players can look forward to limited edition Alvaro-themed cosmetics, rewards, exciting in-game activities, and even a themed film “Alvaro: Reignition Full Animation” launching globally on 31 March.

Free Fire’s latest patch update: Enhancements to character systems and skills, Clash Squad and Battle Royale modes, and one new gameplay mode

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Character system and skills enhancements

Under the adjusted character system enhancement, Free Fire characters can now be purchased with gold as an alternative to diamonds, which means players are free to try out a more diverse combination of characters and skills. Additionally, all characters will be automatically equipped with maximized skill abilities upon unlocking.

Multiple characters will also receive freshly optimized skills in the latest patch updates. These updates include:
  • Awakened Alvaro - Split Blitz: This explosive skill splits fired grenades into multiple new grenades, dealing higher damage to enemies.
  • Xayne - Xtreme Encounter: When activated, players will immediately see a boost in maximum HP and healing effects.
  • Dasha - Partying on: Players will gain an increase in fire rate and movement speed after a knock down. When used as an active skill, knock downs will also extend the skill duration.
  • Otho - Memory Mist: When knocked down, activating this skill creates a mist that slows down and marks the enemy for a limited time.
  • Ford - Iron Will: This active skill will enable players to gain HP recovery when taking damage.

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Clash Squad mode - Protection Point adjustments

Players can now accumulate over 100 Protection Points in the Clash Squad mode and obtain extra stars by hitting certain levels of Protection Points. Extra Protection Points will also be awarded to players who complete daily missions, achieve MVP or winning streaks, or run into AFK teammates during battles.

Battle Royale mode - New system in-match quests and Super Revival Card Those on the hunt for more Booyahs in the Battle Royale mode will enjoy the new system in-match quests that unlock benefits such as additional 15 airdrops in the Safe Zone, and the Super Revival card, which grants players more advanced weapons and armor upon respawning.

New game mode - Pet Smash

A new time-limited game mode will also be available during Free Fire’s latest patch update. In the relaxed Pet Smash mode, players will enter the battlefields as pets equipped with basic attacks and ultimate skills.

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More details of Free Fire’s latest features can be found in the latest patch notes.

Free Fire Tales - ALVARO: Reignition: Immerse in a string of activities and multimedia content from 24 March to 6 April

Free Fire Tales will make a return with its latest chapter, ALVARO: Reignition that explores the backstory of Free Fire character Alvaro, a demolitionist with a troubled past. Players can count down to the premiere of themed film “Alvaro: Reignition Full Animation” on 31 March, which will take players on a journey alongside Alvaro to uncover the mysteries surrounding his past.

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New collectibles in the style of Alvaro will also be available starting 24 March, including the Fiery Fantasy Bundle, sniper skin M82B - Fiery Rush, and Alvaro’s “Grenade Magic” emote. Furthermore, players can redeem campaign prizes such as the Red Carpet Ready Bundle, simply by completing daily in-game missions from 24 March to 6 April.

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Beyond themed rewards and tokens, players can unlock Alvaro’s special Awakening Skill in the Character Awaken System. Fans can also stay tuned for a 5-part Special Campaign launching 26 March, which sheds light on characters Alvaro, Kapella, and Homer through animated videos, banners, and songs. Finally, “EXPLOSIVE SURPRISE”, a Trap & House theme song showcasing Alvaro’s personality, will be unveiled to all players worldwide on 1 April.

In the meantime, fans and players can check out the Alvaro film teaser. Stay tuned for more updates and the latest Free Fire news on Facebook and YouTube. Garena Free Fire can be downloaded on both the Apple iOS App and Google Play store.

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