Free Fire New Permanent Map, Character, and Game Mode

Death and Mayhem Await Free Fire Players in Wasteland Survivors Event with Fully Accessible, Permanent Kalahari Desert Map There’re plenty of rewards to earn in this desolate and bleak post-apocalyptic world!

  • The Kalahari desert map will be permanent and fully accessible
  • Earn the BORDERLANDS skin by completing challenges in this post-apocalyptic event
  • New Fragments/Character Awakening system is being introduced
The apocalypse has come to the world of Free Fire, and with it, death, destruction, and mayhem are more prevalent than ever. Survival isn’t guaranteed in this post- apocalyptic world, which is why the Free Fire characters must adapt with a special BORDERLANDS skin in order to endure the many challenges that await across a more expansive Kalahari desert map.

The Wasteland Survivors event will cover the game in a post-apocalyptic theme during its run. As soon as players begin a game, they’ll be taken to a ravaged spawn island featuring a collapsed stage, a damaged big screen, and debris strewn about. The world of Free Fire may look desolate and bleak, but players can earn plenty of in-game rewards.


Pre-registration for the Wasteland Survivors event will take place between February 22nd through February 25th. Players who pre-register will be rewarded with five Incubator Royale vouchers once they log back in between February 25th and February 27th.

Preheat will also bring back Cold Steel Mode starting on February 25th until March 1st, in addition to a shooting map drop taking place from February 26th through March 4th. The map drop has players searching for a special sculpture that needs to be broken to collect Black Skull tokens. Twice the number of tokens can be earned on its March 1st peak day.

Black Skull tokens can be redeemed between March 1st through March 3rd to earn the BORDERLANDS female set, which requires the following tokens for each piece:
  • Top / 12 Tokens
  • Bottom / 10 Tokens
  • Shoes / 8 Tokens
  • Hair / 8 Tokens
  • Bonfire / 2 Tokens
  • Mask / Free to claim when logging in on March 1st
The BORDERLANDS male set is also available, but only for purchase.

Last, but certainly not least, is the availability of a new Kalahari desert map starting from February 28th and onwards. The previous version of Kalahari gave players just a taste of what it had to offer, but the new map will be fully accessible and permanent.

Peak Day

Mark your calendars for the Wasteland Survivors event’s Peak Day, kicking off on March 1st. Logging in on this day rewards players with a mask from the BORDERLANDS skin set, a new backpack skin, and 3x experience, gold, and fragments earned with the daily limit also tripled.

A new Bomb Mode will launch on the Wasteland Survivors peak day and will be available to play through March 31st. The mode requires strategic play from both teams as one attempts to detonate a bomb while the other does everything it can to stop that from happening.

An Elite version of Kelly, known as “The Flash”, will be available to unlock once her awakening missions are completed as long as they already have unlocked Kelly and enhanced her up to level 2. Once this Elite version is unlocked, The Flash will become a permanent addition to the player’s roster of playable characters.

Charge-it-up Web Event

A special Charge-it-up Web Event will take place from February 27th through March 9th allowing players to complete in-game missions to earn a number of rewards.

Part A: Milestone Achievement will be available throughout the Charge-it-up Web Event and requires players to complete a set number of hours in order to earn a Token A, which can redeem a Green Skull token, as well as the BORDERLANDS grenade skin, a diamond royale and weapon royale voucher, and other smaller items. Part B: Peak Day “grey out” Gacha can then be completed starting on March 1st to March 9th by way of daily login missions to accumulate Token B, which can redeem a Yellow Skull Token.

The missions that need to be completed for Part A and Part B follows:

2/27 to 3/9 (except for Peak Day)
  • Daily Login / Token B
  • Play 1 Game / Token A
  • Play 3 Games / Token A
  • Play 6 Games / Token A
Peak Day
  • Daily Login / Token B x2
  • Play 1 Game / Token A x2
  • Play 3 Games / Token A x2
  • Play 6 Games / Token A x2

New Character and Game Mode

Outside of the post-apocalyptic-themed Wasteland Survivors event, a new character and training grounds game mode are being introduced to Free Fire.

Steffie is a 23-year old Professional Graffiti Artist who appears sassy, but deep down, she wants to help people and make the world a better place to live in. Her active in-game skill reflects this desire to help others as she creates an area of graffiti around her that boosts the defenses of those within. Players who find themselves inside her graffiti will find they take less damage from explosions and bullets while their armor won’t decrease when taking any damage.

Players who would prefer to hone their combat skills outside of an active war zone can do so in Training Grounds. This new game mode grants players the opportunity to get to know their weapons better, character skills, and possibly even meet new friends to create the Squad of their dreams. Two Major Zones are accessible in the Training Grounds. The first is a shooting range that has all of the guns available in Free Fire, allowing players to learn more about them and practice how to best use them. The second is an exhibition zone that players can fight against one another and revive themselves as many times as they like.

Free Fire can be downloaded from the following locations:
Singapore – February 24, 2020

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