Free Fire x Money Heist Events Drop Today and Throughout September

Plan Bermuda is underway. The exclusive crossover between Money Heist and Free Fire is now live in-game for players to enjoy.
  • Plan Bermuda themes can be seen in-game starting today
  • Players can look forward to a special in-game event, new game mode, and exclusive outfits throughout September
  • A Plan Bermuda event page launches today where players can stay up to date on The Professor's orders and take part in an interactive video to earn rewards
Experience Plan Bermuda the moment you enter Free Fire

Players will be met with The Professor's latest plan as soon as they start the game. From the lobby to the airplane and airdrop, Money Heist themes will be seen every step of Free Fire.

Free Fire x Money Heist.jpg

Join Plan Bermuda with all new Money Heist in-game activities from 6 September and a limited time Money Printing Event from 12 September

Players can participate in a special Money Printing Event where they can earn unique rewards based on milestones of money printed throughout the event. To help earn bigger rewards, they'll also be able to boost the printing speed in three different ways: (1) completing daily event quests, (2) enlisting the help of their friends, and (3) adding Printer Fuel Tokens which can be found in-game. The faster the printer operates, the more money it prints! Will players be able to hit the 1 million dollar goal before the event ends on 22 September?

Deck your character out with the exclusive Money Heist x Free Fire collection

Players will now have more options to deck their characters out with the latest Money Heist x Free Fire collection.

The collection includes the classic red jumpsuit outfit seen in the Netflix Original Series as well as two exclusive outfits inspired by the Free Fire x Money Heist partnership: the Plan Bermuda Shinobi and Kunoichi, and Plan Bermuda Street.

Plan Bermuda Shinobi and Kunoichi outfits.jpg

Plan Bermuda Shinobi and Kunoichi outfits

Plan Bermuda Street outfits.jpg

Plan Bermuda Street outfits

The eagerly-anticipated new game mode, Money Heist, will be available to players from 19 September

The all-new Money Heist game mode.png

The all-new Money Heist game mode

In the limited time Money Heist game mode, two teams of four players go head to head in a race against the opposing side to print the target amount of money in the allotted time. Players collect money by activating and occupying Money Printers placed in set locations across the map. Once a Money Printer is occupied, they'll also need to defend the surrounding area as the opposing team can take them over to earn money for themselves. The team that collects the target amount of money first or with the most amount of money as the time runs out wins.

Stay Up to Date on The Professor's orders through the Plan Bermuda event page

Players can find all of the details on Plan Bermuda both on Facebook and the dedicated Plan Bermuda event page. Here, they'll be able to watch the first of a three-part cinematic web series that reveals how The Professor recruited Free Fire characters and planned for his greatest heist.

Plan Bermuda Event Page a.png
Plan Bermuda Event Page b.png

Plan Bermuda Event Page

Players are also invited to take part in an interactive video, where they can choose their own adventure and uncover different endings for themselves. Players can share their endings and receive an exclusive in-game reward.

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