Free Fire x Money Heist Updates on Peak Day happening this weekend!

The Free Fire x Money Heist campaign peak event, happening this weekend.

1. Peak Day on 19 Sep, with a focus on creating a big scene with the heist

With Peak Day taking place this weekend, Free Fire players all around the world have been tasked by The Professor to retrieve and secure Maxim, while getting back the stolen money. Maxim was detained by the police during the heist, and is now counting on his partners to get him out.

To join in the quest to secure Maxim, players can:
  • Log in on 19 Sep to receive a complimentary pet Panda and Panda Heist skin.
    Earn "Heisted Cash" Tokens after killing enemies during the Deadbox Drop between 19 - 22 Sep. Players can exchange these Tokens for rewards, including the grand prize.
  • Enjoy the much awaited "Money Heist" game mode, where 2 teams of 4 go head-to-head to secure the money printers and print the target amount of money in the allotted time. This new game mode is only available from 19 - 22 Sep.
2. The final part of the three-part cinematic web series has been launched

The third and final part of the cinematic web series is now live! The web series allowed fans to learn all about how The Professor recruited Free Fire characters and planned for his greatest heist.

In the first two series, we learned of how The Professor enlisted the help of Free Fire characters to "get back what is stolen", in what he describes as "the greatest heist you'd ever join...Plan Bermuda".

The third episode, The Professor recaps the 180 million euros which has been accumulated in the bank - all from drugs, gambling, and theft - and outlines his plan to retrieve it. 6 Free Fire characters lie at the heart of The Professor's plan, and all will have to work in sync in order to achieve mission success. Watch on to find out if they manage to pull off the heist.

3. Local initiatives drive engagement for fans and followers globally, including partnership graffiti, a live action video, and a blimp across a capital city!

The Free Fire x Money Heist partnership had a local flavor in various markets across the world, part of Free Fire's focus on constantly creating locally relevant and exciting content for its communities. Among the highlights include:
  • A Plan Bermuda blimp flew across Mexico City giving fans in Mexico, reminding of the iconic scene in the series where The Professor used a blimp to drop millions of euros above central Madrid.

    Bermuda blimp.png
  • An exclusive Free Fire x Money Heist live action short film in Indonesia with local action star Joe Taslim was produced. In just 48 hours after the film went live, it saw over 3 million views.

    Free Fire x Money Heist a.png
    Free Fire x Money Heist b.png
  • Local graffiti artists in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina took to the streets and plastered specially-designed Free Fire x Money Heist artwork in key attractions.

    Free Fire x Money Heist artwork a.png
    Free Fire x Money Heist artwork b.png
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