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Sep 18, 2014
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Hi everyone want some free games on steam this is very ease just go to heres the faq

Are you affiliated with Valve?
  • Our site uses the Steam OpenID provider to authenticate users. However, we have no direct affiliation with Valve or the Steam platform, and we're simply a community of gamers that are fans of PC gaming and Steam.
What are the requirements for registering?
  • Users sign-in using their Steam account, and we require their account to be valued at $100 or greater. Games that have been accessible through bundles, or games that were once available for free due to promotions or pricing errors are not included in this calculation. We have this requirement in place to prevent users from registering multiple accounts.
Does my Steam profile need to be public to use the site?
  • You'll need to switch to a public profile when registering, so we can confirm you have a legitimate Steam account that meets our minimum requirements. From that point on, you can use the site with a private profile, however, if you wish to enter giveaways, the site will ask you to switch to a public Steam profile once a week to bring your account up-to-date.
I changed my avatar on Steam, why is my old one still in use by your site?
  • User data is automatically updated and synced on a regular basis, but you can force a sync to instantly update your avatar.
How do I change the background color of my profile?
  • The background color of your profile is automatically generated by the site, based on your avatar.
Who is giving away all these games?
  • All giveaways on our site are provided by users in the community. Users manage their own giveaways, choose when they start, when they end, and who is able to enter. Once their giveaway ends, a random winner is generated by our site, and the giveaway creator receives the necessary information to contact the winner in order to send the gift.
How do I win games?
  • If you browse our homepage, you'll see a listing of all giveaways that are currently available for you to enter. Once you enter a giveaway, you'll need to wait for it to end to see if you're the lucky winner.
How do I know if I won a giveaway?
  • If you win a giveaway, you'll see a popup on the site notifying you of the win. You'll also see a notification in the navigation bar, linking you to gifts won.
What are points (P)?
  • Points are used for entering giveaways. The number of points required to enter a giveaway varies, and they're based on the Steam price of the game being given away.
How do I receive or earn more points (P)?
  • All users on the site are given an equal number of points, and you cannot do anything outside of waiting patiently to increase your number of points. The number of points being distributed to users is based on the number of giveaways being posted to the site, and you'll frequently see your points automatically rise throughout the day.
How many points (P) can I receive?
  • Users are limited to 300 points at any given time.
Do I get points (P) back if I don't win?
  • Points are used for a chance to win, and they're not returned if you do not win. If you choose to remove your entry from a giveaway that's still open, the points will be returned to your account.
Why do I not have permission to view a group giveaway, when I'm a member of the related Steam group?
  • This typically happens if you recently joined a new Steam group, and your account has not yet synced. Insure you have your Steam profile set to public, and then force a sync with Steam. Once complete, you'll be able to access the giveaway.
Can I enter a giveaway for a friend?
  • You should only enter to win giveaways for yourself, and if you win a game, it must be activated and redeemed to the Steam account used during registration. If a friend is interesting in joining giveaways, they'll need to register for their own account.
What are the rules for entering to win Steam packs if I currently own a number of the games contained within?
  • We ask users not to enter giveaways for packages if they already own the majority of the games. This allows for winners that will receive the most value out of their gift. In the end, the giveaway creator has the final say, and if they believe the winner owns too many of the packaged games, we'll allow them to request a new winner.
I think I spotted a fake giveaway, what should I do?
  • We typically allow all giveaways to run their course without judgement, and allow the giveaway creator a fair chance to prove themselves and to come through with the gift in the end. An exception is when the giveaway creator enters a description that clearly states the giveaway is fake, or if the description illustrates a lack of understanding of how the giveaway system works. Please refrain from posting any comments accusing the giveaway creator of posting a fake giveaway, and only create a support ticket if the giveaway is fake beyond a reasonable doubt.
How are giveaway winners selected?
  • All giveaway entries are treated equally, and when a giveaway ends, the site will randomly select a winner. Users that are suspended during the selection process are unable to win, and their entries will be excluded when the winner is generated.
Why are winners 'Anonymous'?
  • Giveaway winners remain anonymous until their gift is marked received or not received. This is done for security, and to prevent other users from copying the identity of the winner in an attempt to receive their gift.
Why have I not won yet?
  • Although some users might win on their first entry, others will need to enter a larger number of giveaways before being lucky. If you search for giveaways with a smaller number of entries, such as invite only and group giveaways, you'll have a higher chance of winning.
If I win a gift, when can I expect to receive it?
  • Giveaway creators are allowed one week to send the gift after the giveaway has ended. Depending on the type of gift and the giveaway creator, you might receive the gift to the e-mail address you have listed on the account page, a key might be added beside the gift you won, or the giveaway creator might have sent you a friend request on Steam to make the exchange. Please remain patient, and do not contact the giveaway creator during this time. If the gift is not received after one week, you can mark the gift as not received, and attempt to contact the giveaway creator on Steam to follow-up.
Why is there a limit to the number of gifts I'm able to give away?
  • We limit the number of gifts a user can create for security purposes, and to prevent a new user from potentially posting a large number of invalid gifts to the site. When you create giveaways and your gifts are received, this number will increase, and you'll be rewarded with the ability to create giveaways with a greater number of copies, or more simultaneous giveaways.
How do the different giveaway types work when creating a giveaway?
  • Everyone
    • As the name suggests, these giveaways are visible to everyone in the community.
  • Invite Only
    • These giveaways are not publicly listed on the site, but rather remain hidden. Only users that know the URL of the giveaway will be able to enter for a chance to win. This allows you to privately share the giveaway link with friends, or outside communities. Many users also use these giveaways to create puzzles, and leave hints to help solve the URL.
  • Whitelist / Steam Groups
    • This option allows you to limit the visibility of your giveaway to users of the selected Steam groups, and/or users that you whitelisted on our site. When selecting multiple groups, users will only need to be a member of one of those groups in order to have permission to view and enter the giveaway. Outside users will not be able to access the giveaway, even if they know the URL.
How does a whitelist work?
  • If you view a user profile, you'll see a button with a heart icon in the left column. If you click this button, the user will be added to your whitelist. If you click this button again, the user will be removed from your whitelist. When creating a giveaway, you have the option to limit the giveaway to users on your whitelist. By doing so, the giveaway will only be visible to these users, and only they will have permission to access the giveaway and be able to enter for a chance to win. If you add new users to your whitelist after the giveaway is created, they will instantly gain access to the giveaway as well, and it'll appear on the giveaway list on their homepage. If you remove a user from your whitelist, they will no longer have access to your whitelist giveaways, but their entries will remain valid for any previous giveaways they might have entered.
How does a blacklist work?
  • On user profiles, you'll see a button that has a circle icon with a slash through it. Clicking this button will add the user to your blacklist. This means the user will no longer see your giveaways on the homepage, and they will not be able to view or enter your giveaways from this point forward. If the user entered one of your giveaways prior to being blacklisted, their entry still remains valid.
I accidentally created a giveaway, or the gift is no longer available, how do I delete my giveaway?
  • When viewing your giveaway, you'll see a button with the name Delete Giveaway in the left column. Clicking this button will let you specify a reason for the deletion, and it'll walk you through the process of creating a support ticket. If the giveaway is still open, the ticket will be automatically approved and the giveaway removed. If the giveaway has already ended, then the ticket will need to be approved by a member of support.
The winner has not redeemed my gift, and I'm unable to get into contact with them. How do I proceed?
  • If you've been unable to reach the winner of your giveaway using e-mail and Steam after seven days of your giveaway ending, and they have not yet activated or redeemed any keys or gifts you attempted to send, please contact support to request a new winner. When creating a ticket, we ask you to include data that suggests you made an adequate attempt to contact the winner, such as screenshots of e-mails, friend requests, or gifts pending on Steam. If the request is approved, a new winner will be generated by the site.
The winner has redeemed my gift, but not marked it received. How do I proceed?
  • If your gift has been activated or redeemed by the winner, and they have not left feedback after seven days, please create a support ticket to request received feedback. A support member will review and ticket, and if the gift is activated on the winner's Steam account, approve the ticket and update the feedback to received.
I'm a game developer or publisher looking to promote my game through giveaways. How do I get started?
  • If you're looking to promote a game, the best option is to create a featured giveaway. These giveaways are displayed at the top of our homepage, and receive the highest visibility. Featured giveaways are created in the same manner as every other giveaway, and our site will automatically feature giveaways on our homepage if they contain 50 copies of a game or greater, and if they're ending within four days. We feature up to two giveaways at once, and if more are available, then two will be displayed at random to insure equal exposure between them. Please note, the giveaway will only be displayed to users that have permission to join, and if you choose to limit your giveaway to a particular Steam group, it will only be visible on the homepage to members of that group. If the limitations on your account do not allow you to create a giveaway for 50 copies or greater, then please contact support. We'll upgrade your account to developer status, allowing you to create giveaways up to 100,000 copies.
What are 'Community Voted' giveaways?
  • We regularly have a 24 hour poll on our homepage asking users to vote for an extra giveaway. When the poll ends, the game with the highest number of votes is automatically given away by our site. These giveaways have a thumbs up icon to help identify them in the list, and remain open for 24 hours.
How is 'Giveaway Feedback' calculated on my profile?
  • This number represents the percentage of your sent gifts that have been marked received by the winners. If you give away 20 gifts, 15 being received, and 5 not received, then your giveaway feedback will be 75%.
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