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Aug 14, 2018
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Starved for new games but strap on cash? I get it, you wouldn't want to waste precious money especially in times of uncertainty. But we live in a time where there's plenty of options available, and some of the options are free and would not cost you a dime. So, if you're bored playing the same campaign over and over again where you've figured out where the enemy is going to pop out, well let's help you out and get some new games into your library. Let's get started!


Nothing says awesome as playing a space ninja hurling through the air and putting holes into the skulls of a swarm of nasty creatures. Warframe revolves around a galactic peacekeeping force known as the Tenno who are awakened to stop invading forces of an alien species with nefarious plans. Warframe gives you the option to choose the type of character you would like to play and each character has a unique game style for which you can check out the extensive explanation on Youtube.

You can also choose your favorite weapons and start off the game. Warframe developers have been adding content over the years and improved the overall mechanics and gameplay experience which is reflected today. There are a ton of weapons, characters, and missions that you could undertake solo or group missions with random players. You can join up a clan so you and clan members can coordinate better to do certain missions together. Overall, Warframe can offer an intense and fun experience for players and will keep you entertained for hours.

Dota 2

I'm pretty sure by this point, everyone in the SEA region is at least heard of this game known as Dota 2. This is pretty much a game that has multiple layers of complexity that ultimately require teamwork to win the game. Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena that is part of the early pioneers of this particular game genre. Dota 2 requires you to understand how your hero works, as well as every other hero so that you'll be able to anticipate and read the situation better when allies and opponents are using different heroes. And each team member has a specific role that will determine how they will play. Dota 2 has a massive following around the world. If you have a lot of time in your hands, especially now, try the game and get your friends who play the game to guide you. The payout is huge whether you win or lose. You learn from your mistakes, understand combos, and itemization as you play more games. Sure there probably is a more popular game in the same genre such as League of Legends, but is it as good as Dota 2 though?

Path of Exile

Path of Exile is your free choice of an RPG game that brings a darker realm compared to other games on this list. Path of Exile is a free to play RPG game that has one of the best leveling mechanics that has ever existed. RPG games are all about leveling up and customizing skills to how you play the game. Let's not forget the level of customization you can do for your character and make him or her to what you want your character to look like. You'll be throwing yourself into the monster's den and trying to survive your first few bouts. You'll soon reach a level where you take on other unworldly creatures. Take advantage of the great combat system that gives another layer to the game.

COD: Warzone

I'm sure you've probably tried a couple of battle royale games out there and some have either weird gameplay or just utterly uninspiring. But you know who would be qualified to make a battle royale that involves shooting? The people that make Call of Duty, specifically those involved in the free-to-play version of it, COD: Warzone. It involves pairing the classic COD multiplayer elements such as guns and hitboxes and mixing in battle royale elements such as loot boxes, cash, and random weapons. COD: Warzone features various party size modes that you can try and survive until the end. COD: Warzone also features an additional game mode called Plunder (the name changed a couple of times), whereby you and your teammates go around collecting cash and storing it into designated storages around the map. I'm not going to get into it too much, but if you're looking to level up your weapons or just go around raking up multiple kills, this mode is perfect for you. And once in a while, you'll find the COD: Modern Warfare multiplayer will be available in a limited capacity, so that's nice.

World of Warships

If you're a fan of war games and also something to do with marine warfare, then this game is the right choice for you. Over 150 types of naval ships available ranging from aircraft carriers to battleships and each type of ship have their own unique skills that you can use during a naval battle. Although free games like these will be somewhat of a grind to playthrough, especially when you're trying to level up or unlock new abilities, the graphics you'll experience during the gameplay will definitely make it worth it. Details of every armament shot out from your vessel and the physics used gives you a level of realism that will definitely immerse you into the game.

There you go, folks! What are you waiting for? It's free! All you need is a good system intact and some hard disk space and you're good to go. So, stay safe and game on!