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Jan 25, 2022
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We are giving away Garena Shells for Free we will randomly drop the shells on this thread so be sure to stay tuned.

We will lock some of the codes behind the spoiler tag so if you don't have sufficient privileges to view we suggest you start ranking your forum account.

ePin CARD 73852075 PIN 7400189671029075 Ref:06518025 (Redeemed)
ePin CARD 73852076 PIN 7952399795458838 Ref:66051546 (Redeemed)
ePin CARD 73811893 PIN 2200214228700902 Ref:55457752 (Redeemed)
ePin CARD 72511695 PIN 7883495206858882 Ref:61703432
ePin CARD 72511699 PIN 8762339587630482 Ref:12185851

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Note: This is first come first served if you manage to get the Garena Shells at least reply below that you got it so other members won't try the code again.

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Sir plz Give me some shell plz my mail

[email protected]
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