Free Legendary M4 Blueprint for Call of Duty Mobile Global Version

Call of Duty Mobile is giving away a free legendary M4 blueprint for the global version in a special limited-time event. This news has been confirmed in a blog post by COD: Mobile developers. The special event is limited-time only and will last until May 22, 2024.


According to the developers, players of the global version will be granted the legendary M4: Royal Black Soul blueprint after completing the task, which is playing five multiplayer matches in COD: Mobile.

The legendary M4 blueprint has a slick black design with purple accents and flashy colored tracer rounds when firing. This is great news for players, as legendary blueprints can only be obtained through lucky draws or crates, which cost a lot of money.

There are no details yet regarding the specific date of the special event, but it will surely come out sooner when COD: Mobile season 2 goes live. But note that this free blueprint will be available only for the mobile version.