Free Throw Basketball - the best timer killer for you

Discussion in 'Google Android' started by fredthered, Aug 13, 2016.

  1. fredthered

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    Free Throw Basketball is a simple yet addictive basketball shooting game with realistic physics and great graphics. It has two game modes, but the target is the same - shoot basketballs into the basket to get scores. It is a funny time passing game that is suitable for everyone.





    1. Easy to play, funny, time killing
    2. Four backgrounds: Urban Basketball Court, Gymnasium, Beach, and Snow Scene
    3. Two game modes: Arcade, Time Attack
    4. Eight balls to unlock and shoot in the game
    5. Global online leaderboards to compete with players from all around the world
    6. Can play offline without network

    Play Free Throw Basketball now!

    Please also Like our Facebook Page, we will organize competitions with prizes

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