Free-to-play Co-op Shooter Game The First Descendant will be launching on July 2 this year

Publisher Nexon and Developer Nexon Games recently announced that The First Descendant, a free-to-play cooperative looter shooter game, is set to launch on July 2 of this year. It will be available on a different platforms.


The news was revealed in a brand-new cinematic film developed with the most recent version of Unreal Engine 5, which showed important Descendants entering the battle, encountering fresh enemies, and making some new friends along the road. In addition to showcasing the exhilarating action and cooperative gameplay that players may enjoy, the most recent teaser unveils additional bosses and characters that will be added both at launch and through post-launch upgrades.




Nexon is getting ready to provide all the information, including launch components and events, as soon as the July 2 launch date is confirmed. Before the debut, more information will be made available through creator and media previews.

Release Date Trailer​

Game producers Lee Beomjun and Minseok Joo have been providing frequent updates on development through Dev Talks and Dev Notes since the end of the game's cross-play Open Beta in September 2023. These updates have included much-requested features and enhancements such as mission variety, improved user interface, and further optimized graphics. Next month, NEXON will formally unveil the entire game to gamers. In the interim, the company will provide additional launch information.




Publisher Nexon and developer Nexon Games have announced that The First Descendant will be available for purchase on July 2 on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.