Free Unfinished Left 4 Dead Campaign Level Released

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    A new series for Left 4 Dead campaign is now playable while there will be no Left 4 Dead 3 in sight, the zombie shooter franchise announced this a week ago. As PC Gamer reports, developer Turtle Rock has released the unfinished Left 4 Dead campaign for free for people who own the game. In the Turtle Rock forums, co-founder Chris Ashton, posted a link to the third-party source where you can download the campaign right now.

    Turtle Rock's latest game is Evolve, which the studio stopped working on last month. The game's servers are staying online, but are now operated by 2K Games, whose parent company Take-Two owns the Evolve franchise.


    Known Issues:
    • Fire, smoke and explosions do not trigger panic events in the hangars.
    • Zombies do not crawl all the time in the orchard.
    • Farm house mob does not spawn in the far side of the woods.
    • Covered bridge does not collapse with explosions.
    • Burned forest area is missing wandering fires.

    source via gamespot
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