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    Killer Instinct: Deason One Ultra Edition will be available for download to all Xbox One Gold members for the whole month, KI's Season One characters are included in this version of the fighting game, another addition to this are the bonus costumes and accessory packs. The 1994 version of the Killer Instinct classic is also available, and maybe later this month a co-op will be free.

    Microsoft today announced the lineup of games that will be available for free to Xbox Live Gold subscribers during January as part of Games With Gold.


    On Xbox 360, racing game Dirt Showdown will be free for the first half of the month. It'll then be followed during the second half of the month by Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

    The full schedule for January's Games With Gold follows below.December's games, which you can see here, are still available until next week.​

    January 2016 Games With Gold Lineup:
    • Killer Instinct: Season One Ultra Edition (Xbox One) -- January 1-31
    • Zheros (Xbox One) -- January 16-February 15
    • Dirt Showdown (Xbox 360) -- January 1-15
    • Deus Ex: Human Revolution (Xbox 360) -- January 16-31

    source via gamespot

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