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    Mention to street basketball, everyone probably will immediately think of the sports that can be fiercely confronted by drawing half a course at anywhere. And now the licensed “Freestyle Mobile – PH” will be coming soon, accompanying you to find the memory of that 3V3 battle, let you rekindle your passion!


    The world's hottest street basketball game is about to land in the Philippines. Are you and your friends ready? Many users are concerned about a few issues, here I unified reply.

    Question 1. When can I play the game?
    Reply: The game is scheduled to be released at the end of the month. Please pay attention to our Facebook, the specific time will be announced on Facebook.

    Question 2. Where can I download the game?
    Re: The game will be released on Google Play and App Store, users can search Freestyle Mobile - PH

    Question 3. Where is the download link?
    Re: After the game is released, we will provide a link on Facebook. If you want to know now, please follow Facebook.

    Question 4. This is onilne game?
    Re:Yes,is onilne game.

    Orthodox coming, official only genuine authorization
    "Freestyle Mobile - PH" has been rated as the most popular fair playing online game by many players, and is also known as a national game product. With the background of street basketball, the only official authorized mobile game "Freestyle Mobile - PH" will bring unprecedented experience to the players. The innovation which is suitable for mobile phone users and classic basketball competition. The basketball fan like you will definitely love it. Let everyone feel what is the real freedom!

    Inheriting classics, feelings the different freedom styles
    The most important style of street basketball from the 1950s is which can show the most clearly reflect of the freedom and creativity of basketball. Different people have different styles, which makes basketball more ornamental and artistic. In the " Freestyle Mobile - PH" mobile game, not only inherits the various charms in reality, but also inherits the classic gameplay in the " Freestyle Mobile - PH" game popular in Southeast Asia, from scenes to characters, from clothing to action, from the stadium environment to the skills, bits and pieces will remind you of the classic confrontation in memory.

    " Freestyle Mobile - PH" mobile game with the realistic scenes and atmosphere in the game will reflect the live feeling of street basketball; while the characters in the game: Torus, Marcus, Caitlyn, etc., will make you recall again those familiar cool players; the familiar skills of steals, dribbling, running, passing, shooting, defensive, fancy buckles, and long-range shots abroad, will bring you the new experiencce of the confidence and casualness of street basketball. The most special like you will be able to set off a more powerful basketball storm in the " Freestyle Mobile - PH" mobile game.

    Three member 3V3 bullfighting
    The bullfighting culture of street basketball has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people in the long-term development. Even the NBA star Kobe Bryant is also keen on 3V3 bullfighting in the Philippines. And "Freestyle Mobile - PH" allows you to compete against the fierce basketball bullfighting anytime, anywhere. As the most popular 3V3 fair athletic basketball game, "Freestyle Mobile - PH" realistic feeling - whether it is 3V3 bullfighting or 1V1 duel, the battlefield thunderous battle axe dunk, handsome and free European step, Dribble Pull-Up 3 point shot, so that players can enjoy the fun of street basketball anytime, anywhere.

    Fair competition, fighting strength
    Fun is the foundation of the game, and fairness is an interesting guarantee for competitive games. "Freestyle Mobile - PH" mobile game will create a cool, new, fast cross-era fair competition concept. There is no numerical crushing, only the most dazzling gaming experience for each player. Each player uses his own passion for basketball and superb strength to compete, compete for 3V3 fairness. Come on, see you later at the stadium!

    The world's most sporty "3V3 confrontation" street basketball game, fancy action and free-spirit style, super cool style, with Hiphop music and original scenes, once again bring you absolutely special game experience! Coming soon, return to the memorable youth, “Freestyle Mobile – PH” let you crazy again!

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