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Jul 7, 2019
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Player introduction: Halle

She was born in a single-parent family in Akron. She has been in the slum since she was a child. In order to survive, she paid the price unimaginable. This experience has created her changing temperament.

She is the most feared presence on the street, whether it is a business or a basketball court.

She is tough and versatile, and every decision of her has deeply shocked everyone in the underground world. She is known for her violence on the court.

She prefers to be called "The King" instead of "The Queen." Her seemingly weak body contains tremendous power, and her confrontation, bounce, and speed are far from perfect. She is addicted to the incredible limit caps, but her favorite is to look down on the ants who fell to the ground.

  • Name : Halle丨 Country : USA
  • Nickname : The King丨 position :SF
  • Gender : Female丨 Height :193cm
  • body weight :68KG丨 Hobby : Free sparring
  • Motto : I am invincible

Skill selection
Multiple offensive skills, rich offensive means

Graffiti selection
Strengthen interference and anti-interference ability.

Play experience
Halle's superior offensive and co-defense ability can make up for the lack of defensive teammates. Maximize your teammate's attack advantage.

Player introduction: Lao Pao

30 years ago,when he was still a college student,he,as a core,led his team to the victory.

15 years ago, when he was back to the college,he, as a coach,led his team to the victory again.

With lots of stunning achievement,there is no must that he continues to stay on the court to prove something,but while he sees his grandson was playing on the court, he could feel that his desire to playing basketball is still burning all the time.

Finally,one day,he enters the field with his grandson.Perhaps,he can't be back to the super star when he was young, but,he just wanna tell the young generation that don't look down to the elder.

  • Name : Christine丨 Country : USA
  • Nickname : Laopao丨 position :pG
  • Gender : Male丨 Height :191cm
  • body weight :85KG丨 Hobby : Free sparring
  • Motto : Did not give up on the court

Skill selection
Breakthrough skills open the gap, a variety of shooting skills increase the attack.

Graffiti selection
The core strengthens the dunk ability and ball control ability.

Play experience
The old cannon has a strong breakthrough offensive ability, which can attract defensive and pass the ball to teammates with outside attack.

Player introduction:Rubber man

“Rubber man” was born on a small island with lush rainforests. When he was 5 years old, he climbed up to an old tree and eat a hot red fruit from the tree, so he continued to have a fever as a result.

After checking that he had a rare disease which made his tendon very flexible, he found the body could be bent in all directions, and some parts could also be stretched to a certain length. He showed people his talent, but they thought he stood for the hoodoo. He was tired of the island and wanted to go to the wider outside place, so he climbed a ship that sailed to the sea one night.

There he made friends with the captain who had white beard, and the sailors were friendly to him as well. He gradually fell in love with sailing and dreamed that he could conquer the vast ocean.

  • Name : Rubber man 丨 Country : Japan
  • Nickname : Rubber man 丨 Position :SF
  • Gender : Male 丨 Height :200cm
  • body weight :98KG丨 Hobby : Navigation
Skill selection
Defend and attack

Graffiti selection

Offense and defense balance configuration

Play experience

In the strong confrontation, he can still maintain his body's coordination, even if he is blocked, he can throw the ball out through talent.