Frequently Asked Questions about Chromas Packs


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Nov 4, 2018
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What is the Prime part of the name of the Lucian Prime chroma pack?
Chroma Packs is a new line of thematic bundles with tight-knit color palettes that complement each other. Here's the list of the initial chroma packs with their theme names and colors:

Dragon Fist Lee Sin Duel - Black, Blue, Yellow
Lucian Prime - Blue, Red, Yellow
Pool Party Leona Dawn - Pink, Azure, Lemon
Blitzcrank Steel - Cobalt, Molten, Gunmetal
Garen Noble - Garnet, Plum, Ivory
Fizz Scorch - Black, Red, Orange
Nemesis Jax Sand - Cream, Brick, Amber

How can I see all the chromas currently available?
Through the magic of hexspheres. Or if you don't have any of those, you can find chroma packs in the Bundles tab of the store.

Why don't chromas have new or recolored splashes?
At this point, we have no plans to recolor splash art for champions and skins with chroma packs. We've historically viewed splash art as an expression of a champ's or skin's core identity. Chroma packs are ways for you to share your personal style and deepen your experience with champions and skins, but they don't change that champ or skin's identity.

Can I gift chroma packs? What about mystery gifts?
Not at launch, but we'll explore this option in the future.

You said chroma packs are 100 RP, butwhen I try to pick up the Nemesis Jax Sand chroma pack, it shows up as 300 RP in the store?

TLDR: Price includes champion and/or skin if you don'town it.
All chroma packs are actually the same price atlaunch: 100 RP. But our bundle tech recognizes whether or not you have thechampion or skin and includes them in the price if you don't. It's meant to bea convenience, so that you don't have go to two different parts of the store ifyou're just trying to browse Chroma Packs

Can I buy chroma packs in champion select?
No. Unlike skins, you'll have to unlock chroma packs in the store. They're sold as thematic sets, so they can't be picked up during champion select.

How did you pick the champion and skins for these first-run packs?
Artistic suitability was considered, potential QA issues, champion and skin popularity, and a veritable cornucopia of other factors when figuring out the best cands for these first chroma packs. Also, the community wanted Blucian.

How will you choose future chroma packs?

Any champion or skin could get chroma packs, and our criteria going forward will be guided by popularity, interest, and suitability but not mandated by any one of those things.

Are you making these as opposed to new skins?
Nope. It's not either/or;Riot Games get to do both. Obviously we can't just spoil a bunch of new skins here in an FAQ, but they're still coming, and more will be offered, not fewer.

What's the difference between a chroma pack and a skin?
Skins provide an opportunity to experience a champion in a way that's different from normal (like Rumble and Super Galaxy Rumble). We continue to look for new ways for you to engage with your favorite champions. Skins are usually about alternate fantasies, where chromas are working with a lot more than fifty shades of grey. Chromas are about expressing your style and personality, color-coordinating your team, or adding a new dimension to a champion or skin you play all the time.

Will particles be recolored as well?
Generally no, but this is looked into with some champions and skins where it makes the most sense.

Why can't I earn chromas or buy them with IP?
All options are still open in the future, but at launch we are sticking with RP-only, in line with our historical approach to cosmetic content.

Selling optional cosmetic in-game items allows us to support League of Legends and invest in evolving the game. More than 90% of Rioters work on features and content that can be experienced for free (stuff like featured game modes, champions, music content, and esports). New cosmetic options like chroma packs help ensure we can continue building awesome, free experiences even though the majority of players choose not to spend anything. Players who see the value can buy chroma packs, and those who don't can enjoy a little more variety when they see their teammates and opponents using them.

Why are chromas offered in packs instead of individually?
The community's been talking about alternate color palettes for a while, and we've been examining various ways to deliver. As a result of our explorations, we found that bundling chroma packs around themes and complementary color palettes felt like the most compelling way to offer diverse color choices for how you personalize your favorite champions and skins.

Whenever we consider developing a new type of content, we talk to tons of players -- those who choose to pay for content as well as players who never spend a dime on League -- to target a fair price. This is the initial launch, and we're open to other options for chroma packs and chromas in the future.