From Joysticks To Touchscreens: Top Retro Games With Best Mobile Version

Video games do come and go. But there are few who manage to endure time itself and become immortalized and hence, turning into a classic that remains as a staple to any gamer's arsenal.

Perhaps it's because of its graphics or its riveting storyline following a host of memorable.characters. Or simply because the game itself has a special in your precious childhood memories. No matter what the reasons, its always a pleasure to take down the memory lane with these classic games.

This is why we are lucky that some of them founded a new home right in our phones where we can play at them whenever or wherever nostalgia hit us.

So without further ado, here are some unforgettable retro games that have its own mobile version that you can download for free.

Garena Contra Returns.png

Garena Contra: Returns

When it comes to platform games from the 80s, Contra is hands down one of the challenging titles that you can't get enough of. With only 3 lives (or 30 if you know the notorious Konami Code) to spare and your trusty guns against hordes of aliens, its the game that will really bring your inner Rambo. Its remake by Garena, however, makes its gameplay more diverse yet still action-packed with added RPG elements, new batch of characters to unlock, cool new weapons to obliterate aliens, and tons of new game modes that let you even compete with other players.

Prince of Persia Escape.png

Prince of Persia: Escape

If you think jumping and climbing platforms is no brainer, then we dare you to try this mobile version of the nail-biting platform classic Prince of Persia. Try to avoid those spikes and perfect your every jump and you will understand why the first Prince of Persia title is quite hard to beat even with its meek and simple graphics. It will really test your timing and skills which makes it one of the games that you can't put down until you clear all levels.



Pac-Man is among the reason why arcade genre is such a hit before and even today. With its addictive gameplay, Pac-Man skyrocketed itself not just in the game industry but even to pop culture; making him an iconic ghostbuster around the world. It's mobile version relive this retro classic under your fingertips with additional mazes to conquer but with the same old ghosts to eat down. There is even a tournament challenge if you want to best your friends online.

Sonic The Hedgehog Classic.jpg

Sonic The Hedgehog Classic

Sega's infamous hedgehog mascot has come a long way in the gaming world. Even the young generations knew the iconic blue speedster but for them to really enjoy the fandom of Sonic, they must play its own game to experience the adrenaline injected by this retro game to the oldies. Its mobile edition stays true to the original fast gameplay with all the loops and rings pass through. You can also even play as Tails and Knuckles and see if you can manage to reach the stage where a showdown against Dr. Eggman commences.

Gameloft's Classic.jpg

Gameloft's Classic

How about giving yourself an old-school treat with 30-in-1 games from Gameloft who dominates the mobile game industry long before the dawn of smartphones. In their 20th year, they released a bundled app that features their best JAVA games during the keypad era from puzzle games like Diamond Rush to hardcore run and gun like N.O.V.A. All of them can now be played with intuitive touchscreen controls that properly translated their former keypad base mechanics.

Mario Kart Tour.jpg

Mario Kart Tour

First to be introduced during the height of SNES, Mario Kart further expanded the ever colorful world of the jumping plumber not on platforms but in the racing track. It's a spin-off that manages to gain popularity and tons of sequels and versions. Mario Kart Tour is among its version for the mobile platform that keeps the racing gear of Mario and Co. in high gears. It includes multiplayer racing with various challenges, race tracks as well as the power-ups and items that you can collect to shut down other racers in your way. Plus, it has a ranking mode to keep you competitive.


Fancy a bullet hell game starring a high flying monk? Perhaps you did encounter such a strange combination in the arcade box but you forgot that it goes by the name of Tengai. This utterly forgotten arcade classic arrives in a mobile platform with touchscreen control instead of joysticks. It still features the tricky shoot and evades tactics plus big bad bosses that will keep on killing you before you can manage to defeat it. And did we mention that there are ninja and samurai too here?

Phantasy Star Classics.jpg

Phantasy Star Classics

A list of retro games will never be complete without our favorite genre: RPG. Sega is generous to create a mobile port of one of the oldest yet best RPG since the golden age of video games in the form of Phantasy Star. Take note that it doesn't bring one of its installments. Here you can play both Phantasy Star II up to IV on your mobile phones. It's a classic sword and sorcery game that follows the never-ending battle of good vs evil with you as the hero in between.