From the Weird to the Nice: 10 Video Game Movies in Development

Guild of Guardians
This article is filled with WHY or HYPE, depends on your taste, rationality and imagination, we respect your choices either way, so let us see what Hollywood will offer to us in these 10 video game movies that will be adapted soon.


These choices are really absurd by either how they plan to adapt it or why do they even plan to if it would not make sense. Well, let us take a look at them.

Monster Hunter

An awesome game with a weird take from the adaptation. Let me ask, why is this going to be the way they plan to adapt this movie? When you hear Monster Hunter, you always get the sense of group of people taking down monsters, collecting their loot for equipment to even hunt more monsters. That is always the foundation of the series and people will always think of that way.

But it seems like Hollywood is about to get a loose adaptation, like a noodle being boiled in water. It appears that they will be doing it this way. The characters will be based in a military team sent by the United Nations to investigate a portal that will set them in an alternate universe. That's about the sum of what I can get.

So let's think, how's this Monster Hunter? Will they bring their guns in the first few minutes then collect loot and weapons? I don't know fam but maybe let's wait, maybe they can somehow make this work.


Minecraft?! How? Like Minecraft has already got a loose plot of just build and build and until you feel like it defeat the Wither and the Ender Dragon with less lore to get on, how would they do it? It feels weird. For a game that is basically a fun sandbox for all ages. I am confused.

But apparently the plan is to have a teenage girl and a band of adventurers to save the (over)world from the Ender Dragon. Well, after checking in Minecraft's website, they appear to be pleased with the progress and they have supported their director, Peter Sollett and their partnership with Warner Bros. this movie was planned since 2014, so if they are chill with it. I guess we can be too. But it still feels weird on the execution. Hope

they deliver it with this one.

On the Fence

This may be good but we're still holding our breaths for this one. It might deliver well or fail spectacularly. Well, if you are a fan of these series. You'd probably watch it anyways. Let's see...

The Division

The Division is one of Tom Clancy's creations and if we've noticed from Hollywood they have done things well so far. But with The Division, let's hope they pull this off well too.

The movie will be shown on Netflix as they are partnering with the streaming service for people to watch it. From what we can see, it appears to be following the game's plot. US Sleeper Agents were sent to assist New York City against a strong virus (whelp it does not make it more accurate today than it seems except for the sleeper agents). If they are going to follow the game's plot, we can hope that it will remain faithful to the original.

Metal Gear Solid

Stealth game lovers rejoice this game as one of the magnum opus of stealth games. However, will it live up to the expectations of many?

The movie is being produced by Columbia Pictures with the director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, better known as the director of Kong: Skull Island. It may not show much but he is very enthusiastic to be directing this film. In fact, he was so enthusiastic that he even met up with Hideo Kojima, the creator of MGS and asked for his approval. Well, now that he's been blessed by the approval of the creator, maybe we can rest easy that this will be a movie that will translate well the game? Maybe...

Super Mario Bros.

This was announced back in 2018 and it is being plotted to release in 2022.This seems promising and people will finally forget the crazy plot of the movie of 1993. Honestly, do not even look it up. It's super weird!

Illumination Entertainment will be leading the charge for this movie adaptation however, we do not have much of an idea of what the movie will be. All it says on the IMDB page is that Mario and Luigi travels through an underground labyrinth to save the princess. Aaaaaand that is it, seriously we don't know much yet. But if the source material will stay loyal like we can see sans the underground labyrinth, this might have a chance. So we're still on the fence in this one, chief!


This series have sparked a lot of games and other media, it is shocking that we haven't heard much of it being turned into a movie, well maybe now... Apparently, there is a 2010 film adaptation, but let's forget about that in a bit. Let's focus on the new one, 'kay?

Walt Disney Entertainment will cover for this one as they merged with 20th Century Fox which would have originally have adapted this one, so that merger caused a delay to the movie. Once again, we do not know much about the plot but they are saying that this will be based on CAPCOM's best-selling video game series so let's hope for a good one. CAPCOM got its eyes on it so maybe it will pull it off better than the first one.

Resident Evil

Rebooted and has plans to make it a horror movie and not an action-intense one, it seems like they are on the right path on this one.

The first resident evil movie series were much focused on being action-packed and focused on Alice but this time they are planning on a new one. A super scary movie that is being filmed by Constantin Films. Another factor that might sweeten the deal is that the director of the new one is Johannes Roberts, he is already making rounds in the movie scene with his movies such as 47 Meters Down: Uncaged and while the reception is mixed, with his promise to make it scary as possible, as we know RE is horror-filled, maybe this might not be so bad as some think will be.


Development Hell is an understatement with Uncharted and while the new one seems to be going to be hype, the production has seen a lot of ups and downs. Hoping this will be the final one before they give it a go. It seems bright to be the last one.

Uncharted will be released in 2021, hopefully. It is already in the works since the late 2000s with the original plan making Mark Wahlberg as Nathan Drake. But lo and behold, production hell came with 6 directors touching the film but ultimately dropping it at the end. And here we are, 2020 and it seems like they are getting their stuff together. Director Ruben Fleischer is determined to be the final director for this movie. But things have changed now.

What they have in store is to make the movie as a prequel of the games. Depicting how the young Drake met with Sully. With Nate being younger, it is just right to make the actor a young one, as is their plan to cast Tom Holland as the young Drake and still retaining Mark Wahlberg as Sully.


These films are really on the radar either by the success of their first film or because they really are doing their best to be faithful to the source material. Let's see what are those.

Tomb Raider 2

The success of the 2018 reboot is great enough to produce a sequel and they are planning it to release in 2021. With a good following because of the game and the first film, we are expecting to do well the second time around.

The plan is to make a film that will revolve between the Shadow of the Tomb Raider and the Rise of the Tomb Raider, seems promising. Lara Croft will also be casted by the same one in the first film. If anyone can pull it off, then it's her. So I believe this is a film worth checking out.

Mortal Kombat

This will be another reboot as some films back then does not get how things work. Follow the source material, even if it turns bloody! Faithfulness to the source material is key to a successful film rather than making an inspired take only, I guess Detective Pikachu is one exception. But proven by a lot of older films, maybe the new ones learned now.

So yeah, Mortal Kombat, this time for real with blood, gore, and fatalities!! We hope, but since the movie will be an R-18 movie expect the unfiltered things to happen in the film. Atomic Monster Productions will be involved in the film and they have delivered great films so far, so that is nice to know! Another thing to note, New LIne Cinemas will produce the film, together with Warner Bros. they will release it in January 15, 2021. We bet they will deliver a proper Mortal Kombat game now. Let's hope for the best!

Hollywood doesn't plan to give up on video game movies it seems, can't blame them, it is easy money if you do it right. However, they NEED to do it right, last thing that you need to have if you are creating video game movies are the angry mobs of gamers that are calling out justice for their beloved characters. Detective Pikachu has done a great job in the fresh take of Pokemon while the new Sonic movie has proven that if you listen to the call of the gamers, you will be beloved by them! So are you excited in one of these films, tell us below!