From Webtoon to a Hit Mobile Game: God of Highschool Global hits Pre-registration Phase! iOS Android 

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Getting your IP rise up the challenges and expand to a new industry is definitely a challenge every people with a great business sense must-have. When it happens you got to capitalize and make sure that it hits off well and gain more fans of it to keep the revenue alive, well it seems like this one got things in the bag, knowing that it has gained a lot of players interested in it.


"God of High School" is a popular manhwa series made by Saeho Song and Joseph Chou. Manhwa is the Korean version of manga, for those who are unaware. This series has gained popularity across the manhwa market that it has made an anime version that sparked more followers of the series and now, they are branching to a mobile game. A mobile game is a smart venture as most people are busy with different things they do in file that they have no time for setting up their consoles or PC for gaming. Plus, with the portability and how people bring their phones anywhere, it can be accessed by anyone who wishes to play.


Now, God of High School actually has a mobile game running right now but was only in Korea and the language is just in Hangul so fans of the series had a hard time playing since they either learn how to read Hangul or translate the game, but now their worries are now gone because we will be getting a global version of the game.


The game boasts a solid reproduction of the story which is great because the story has been praised by the majority of the readers and viewers of the series. Another thing that they truly are proud of is the game's 30 vs 30 PVP Match which can be thrilling for competitive players who wish to be up top together with their fellow mates.


Qooapp right now is hosting a pre-registration here which you will get 1 Ancient God Summoning Ticket, 100 Premium Summon ticket, various support items, and more! With a lot of hype from the ones who are playing in the Korean server, this might be an interesting game to look at, not gonna go serious but will try because of that good pre-registration bonuses! Let's go! Join the God of High School discussion if you play it!