Frostborn is a new cooperative RPG

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Aug 7, 2018
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Frostborn is a new cooperative RPG where everyone will find a lot of ways to entertain themselves. Here you can invite three friends to play in cooperative mode or unite with other players into a clan to build a base together and attack enemies!

Today the game is being soft-launched, meaning it’s available only in a few countries. We can’t wait to get all possible feedback on its current state which will help us steer the development in the best direction and prepare the game for going global. Share your thoughts, ideas, and feelings - we are interested in everything you have to say!

By default, the game puts you in one of three main regions: Europe, America or Asia. There is no in-game region setting, at the moment. However, while we are working on convenient migration mechanics, you could use a simple roundabout to change your current region.

Please, keep in mind that you will start with a fresh in-game account after completing these steps!
  • Uninstall the game.
  • Use VPN app to set a desirable region.
  • Re-install the game from Google Play.
  • While VAP is active, run the game.
  • Frostborn will save your region setting after that and active VPN won't be needed anymore.

Update notes for 25.05.2018
  • Fixed critical server-related issues which could cause occasional crashes and bugs.
  • Added more conditions for location reset system. The chance to encounter a location with depleted resources and empty loot crates is now greatly reduced.
  • The game now saves previously selected chat tab for your convenience.
  • Added some visual tweaks for death screen.
  • Added icon, which shows over the character's head, when a player is typing in chat.
  • Reduced maximum distance for eating and drinking sounds (they were too loud).
  • Availability of Starter's Pack in the shop resets properly now.

Important note for those who try to install Frostborn using downloaded apk because the game is not officially launched in your country.

Please, keep in mind that your game progress could not properly transfer from the first device (real or emulated) you've installed the game on to another device.

For example:
  • you've started to play on your phone;
  • later you decided to install the game on Android emulator on your PC/Mac;
  • you use same Google Account on both devices.

Unfortunately, in such case we could not guarantee that your progress will be shared between devices.
Transfer issues could happen due to specific rules of Google authorization progress. It works seamlessly only if the game is available in your country.

How can you be sure that progress was transferred properly?
Please, check in-game settings menu:
  • "Disconnect" text displayed on Google Play button means that everything went fine. Your account already successfully tied to your Google Play account
  • If you see "Connect" text, you could try to press the button and connect the device you're using to your Google Account.
  • If you were not able to connect the Account, we recommend to stick with the first device (real or emulated) you've installed the game on until the official release of the game in your country.

In any case, you can't simply lose progress in Frostborn. It remains tied to the one of your accounts and could be restored.

We recommend you to remember your player ID - it shown in game settings menu (lower right corner of the screen). Stating your ID could help to resolve game issues in future.