Frostpunk Mobile Launches Beta Test In The Philippines

After being announced for Android and iOS devices last May, 11Bit Games and NetEase has now released a technical test version of Frostpunk Mobile and is exclusive only in the Philippines.


When a catastrophic volcanic explosion occurs, the world is plunged into an endless winter, and Frostpunk takes place in the aftermath of this event. It is your responsibility to ensure the safety and warmth of your city. You have complete command of the situation, from cultivating religion to dispatching scavenging parties and staying on top of political turmoil to name a few tasks. It's a city simulation set at the very end of the world.


In accordance with NetEase's official website, the technical test for the game began on August 20th and is expected to last for an indefinite period of time. The announcement was concise and provided only the most basic information about the test build, which included test platform to be on Android and test region to be exclusive in the Philippines. This beta test is also a sign that a global launch might be nearing, so keep an eye out for that.


Since the technical test for Frostpunk Mobile has already begun in the Philippines, Android users can now download the game by heading over to Google Play Store. However, for international fans, accessing the game might be a little bit difficult. If you still want to play the game despite not being in the Philippines, you can try downloading a Frostpunk Mobile APK from a third-party app store like TapTap and use a VPN to connect to the Philippines region in order to gain access to the game from anywhere around the world. However, it is not really recommended to download apps from unofficial sources.

It is unfortunate that no official information has been provided regarding the release of Frostpunk Mobile. In any case, now that game development has gotten underway, it should be available in the near future. NetEase intends to conduct additional beta tests in various regions before releasing the game on a global scale. If there is an upcoming Frostpunk Mobile beta test, the dates and regions will be announced on the game's official website, where you can also pre-register your interest for it. So keep an eye out for new developments or check back with us for the latest news.