Frozen realms await in Garena Undawn's Frost Rescue content update

Guild of Guardians
Garena Undawn's latest content update, Frost Rescue, will arrive tomorrow, bringing players new content such as an all-new Duel mode, a 4-part Light in the Night event, as well as a limited-time Survival King Challenge.


  • Summon nearby Survivors in the new 1v1 Duel mode
  • Follow the latest chapter of Undawn's lore and unlock rewards in the 4-part Light in the Night event
  • From 22 March to 3 April, win a Permanent Gun Skin: Scarlet M3 Finish by completing the Survival King Challenge
Players who download the newest content update and login on 21 and 22 March will be able to redeem up to 28,888 Silver and an Alloy Pack. Rewards, such as a new settlement and exploration medals, are also up for grabs through the many Frost Rescue events.

A minute to win it in the new 1v1 Duel mode
Starting tomorrow, players can challenge other Survivors in the same location to a battle in the new 1v1 Duel mode. These matches, designed to be fast-paced and full of intensity, will last sixty seconds. Challengers can choose the location of the duels, which can be carried out in their own homesteads or settlements, and will have to defeat their opponents before they run out of time.

Ravens in the vicinity are welcome to traverse the duel area, spectate the fight, and cheer for their fellow squadmates.


4 gameplay modes available in the new Light in the Night event
Frost Rescue will also introduce Light in the Night, an event only available from 21 March to 3 April. The limited-time event closely follows the latest chapter of Undawn's lore, forefronting Cedarville and the mysterious 'Night Light.' With its ample supplies and unique geographical advantage in the snowy Mt Ollie, the once-abandoned Cedarville slowly became a popular refuge spot among Survivors.

Garena will bring out 4 gameplay modes during the themed event, each challenging Survivors' brains and brawn to stay alive:
  1. Glide Rescue: Participate in thrilling hang glider challenges at ten different locations to win rewards dished out based on their performance.
  2. Power Source Preparation: To brace themselves for life in the snowy mountains, Survivors will have to hunt for specific items. Upon finding all items, players can unlock a new settlement in the flourishing Cedarville.
  3. Clue Survey: Cover all grounds in the mysterious Mt Ollie for secret audio recordings and photo clues. This gameplay mode is available in 6 series, with an exploration medal waiting to be redeemed in each series.
  4. Special Edition Compilation: Pay close attention to the daily updates from NPCs, as these may contain clues that lead to undercover investigative tasks. With each completed task, players will get to unlock corresponding chapters of the storyline, allowing them to delve deeper into Undawn's lore.
Additionally, completing Glide Rescue, Power Source Preparation, and Clue Survey will earn players Cedarville Rescue Medals, which can be collected to redeem prizes such as a new 'Raven's Shadow' snowboard and a limited edition 'I am the only light' title.

Win a Permanent Gun Skin in the Survival King Challenge
From 22 March to 3 April, players can take part in the Survival King Challenge to win a Permanent Gun Skin: Scarlet M3 Finish and growth materials such as a Chip Component Treasure Chest and a Vanguard Key. To do so, players will have to complete 3 out of 5 challenges and submit a completion form.

Challenges include:
  1. Obtain a First Clear in the Blazar Restricted Area: Nightmare Phantasm (Easy) mode
  2. Clear 110 stages in the Hold the Line mode
  3. Complete Astral Tower 105F
  4. Complete the Gliding Rescue with a Silver Cup in any map
  5. Gain 1 victory in Aeronautical Base

Finally, fans and players can stay tuned to a special in-game showdown in May, which will star more than 60 top teams from the Raven Invitational.

Find out more about Garena Undawn: Frost Rescue in the latest game trailer.

Garena Undawn is now available on the App Store and Google Play in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Thailand. Check out Garena Undawn's official channels for the latest updates:

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