Full List of All Answers for NBA 2K24 2KTV Episodes 1 to 23

2KTV of NBA 2K24 is back with another exciting season, bringing a preview into upcoming gameplay updates, featuring interviews with the 2K developers as well as NBA stars, and the most anticipated brand new questions for fans to answer every Friday inside the NBA 2K24 game.


Each episode of 2KTV features a lot of questions that appear at the bottom of the screen, and for each correct answer of the participating players, they will receive 200 VC (virtual currencies), up to a total of 3600 VC per episode.

Virtual currencies are used to purchase several in-game items, including clothes and animations for their in-game characters and teams in MyTeam or MyCareer.

Here is the total list of all questions and their corresponding answers for 2KTV episodes 1 to 23:

Answers for Episode 1

What season of 2KTV is this?Season 10
How many times has Kobe Bryant been on the cover of NBA 2K?4
In what year did Kobe Bryant score 62 points in only three quarters?2005
How many times did Kobe Bryant become an NBA All-Star?18 times
In what year did Kobe win his only MVP award?2008
How many Affiliations can players choose from?2
What new features are a part of Streetball?All
How many new Badges have been added for 2K24?24
Where is the newest location to watch 2KTV in MyCareer?Locker Room
What can you use to reduce your badges from dropping to a certain level?Badge Floors
What MyTeam game mode features a salary limit for your lineup?Salary Cap
Which MyTeam card can be earned for hitting Level 40 in Season 1?Kyrie Irving
Where can you go to directly acquire players in MyTeam?Player Market
Who is on the cover of the WNBA edition of NBA 2K24?Sabrina Ionescu

Answers for Episode 2

What was the first game mode you played in NBA 2K24?Any
Where can you quickly view the upcoming events in MyCareer?Menu
Who was the first WNBA athlete to be featured on a NBA 2K cover?Candace Parker
Which player was traded for Kobe Bryant on draft night?Vlade Divac
In what year did Scottie Barnes win Rookie of the Year?2022
Badges that boost _ have the most new additions in NBA 2K24?Shooting
Which defensive badge is a direct counter to Bulldozer?Immovable Enforcer
Which new Badge gives an off-ball speed boost to find open space?Spot Finder
Which Badge Perk slows down Badge level regression?Immunity
How many Streetball Court locations are in The City in NBA 2K24?3
Which MyTeam game mode have you played the most in NBA 2K24?Any
Which of the following is not a category of challenges in MyTeam?Superstar
What special type of top plays will 2KTV feature once per season?Assists

Answers for Episode 3

In the MyCareer story, how is Truck related to MP?Grandfather
Which of the following does not have a MyCareer quest?Andrew Wiggins
Which of the following is closest to the Rise Affiliation courts in The City?Club 2K
Which Badge Perk will change after each Season in NBA 2K24?Scholar
Which active NBA player has the highest rating for Mid-Range Shooting?Kevin Durant
What is the name of the Streetball MC in NBA 2K24?Young Wayne
Who made the most 3-pointers in the NBA last season?Klay Thompson
What Shooting Badge improves your ability to make floaters?Float Game
While driving from the right baseline, holding the right stick to the right will do this?Reverse Layup
Which of the following is not a Shot Timing Visual Cue in NBA 2K24?Follow Through

Answers for Episode 4

If you want to join the RISE Afilliation, who do you talk to?Shakedown
How much higher is Aaron Gordon’s Interior Defense rating than Keegan Murray?10
The Starting 5 Building is between the Ante-Up and?The Theater
Who is your contact to get the Decelerator Takeover perk?Chris Brickley
How many MyPlayers compete in a Starting 5 game?2
How long are quarters in a Starting 5 game?5 Minutes
Joining the RISE Affiliation gives boosts to Finishing and?Playmaking
Flicking the right stick will result in a _ dribble combo?Size-Up
Flicking the right stick to the opposite side will result of your ball hand does this?Crossover
The Speed Booster Badge boosts your attack from the?Perimeter
Mitch Richmond’s Level Up card can improve from 87 OVR to?90
Which of the following MyTeam modes has a single-player and online mode?Clutch Time

Answers for Episode 5

Which team won the 2023 NBA 2K League 5v5 Championship?Warriors Gaming Squad
What year did the inaugural season of the NBA 2K League tip off?2018
Which NBA 2K League team won back-to-back titles in 2020 and 2021?Wizards District
Which member of Warriors Gaming won the 2023 NBA 2K League Finals MVP?Mama Im Dat Man
Which Badge provides a boost to shooters in a pass to assist situation?Relay Passer
Who dished out the most assists in the NBA this season?Trae Young
What year was BearDaBeast drafted in the NBA 2K League?2019
What team drafted BearDaBeast?T-Wolves Gaming
What position is your main MyPlayer build in NBA 2K24?Any

Answers for Episode 6

Which of these MyPlayer templates has the highest 3-Point rating?Klay Thompson
Last season, Pistons GT beat Team 2KTV by how many points?12
When did Coach Du win the NBA 2K League Coach of the Year award?Season 1
Who did Pistons GT recently trade a 2025 first-round pick for?Jomar
Which Badge improves the defender’s ability to defend post moves?Post Lockdown
Which Badge increases the ability to successfully steal from ball-handlers?Glove
Dikembe Mutombo and this player won four NBA Defensive Player of the Year awards?Ben Wallace
When is Opening Day of the 2023-24 NBA season?October 24

Answers for Episode 7

Who is the namesake for the KIA NBA Clutch Player of the Year?Jerry West
Who is the namesake for the KIA NBA Most Valuable Player?Michael Jordan
Which KIA NBA Performance Award is named after Hakeem Olajuwon?Defensive Player
Which of these players won back-to-back KIA NBA Sixth Man of the Year Awards?Lou Williams
Who was the last NBA Player to win a Most Improved Award and Championship?Pascal Siakam
Who was the last player to win back-to-back KIA NBA MVP Awards?Nikola Jokic
Who was the first Point Guard to win a KIA NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award?Gary Payton
When does the NBA in-season tournament begin?November 3
How many players have won the KIA NBA MVP and KIA NBA Sixth Man of the Year Award?2
Who was the first player to win back-to-back KIA NBA Sixth Man of the Year Awards?Kevin McHale
How many players won an NBA Comeback Player of the Year Award?6
Who won the first-ever KIA NBA Clutch Player of the Year Award last season?De’Aaron Fox
What year did the NBA Finals MVP lose the NBA Finals?1969
How many championships have the Warriors won with Steve Kerr as Head Coach?4
Last season, the average age of an NBA player was closest to __26
Which team had the highest average number of season of NBA experience last season?Bucks
How many international players were on NBA rosters last season?120
Last season, this NBA jersey number was worn the most, by 23 players.3
Which team had the highest average number of seasons of NBA experience last season?Las Vegas
Pick your favorite playAny
Which team recently landed Damian Lillard by trade?Bucks

Answers for Episode 8

What is your favorite thing about Halloween?Any (Reward is 2KTV Clothing Item)
Which recently traded player has the highest PPG in their career?Damian Lillard
What is your favorite type of candy?Any (Reward is 2KTV Clothing item)
How many community MyPlayer builds were a part of Season 2?5
How many NBA games were played on the first day of the 2023-24 NBA season?2
What position is UncleDemi’s MyPlayer build?Power Forward
Which recently traded player has the most rebounds in his NBA career?Jrue Holiday
What is your win percentage in NBA 2K24?Any
What is the highest attribute in UncleDemi’s community build?Driving Dunk
Who recorded the first triple-double of the 2023-24 NBA season?Nikola Jokic
Who scored the first basket of the 2023-24 NBA season?Anthony Davis
Who made the first 3-pointer of the 2023-24 NBA season?Taurean Prince
Who scored the most points on the first day of the 2023-24 NBA season?Devin Booker
Which team recently won the 2023 WNBA championship?Aces
Which player recently won the 2023 WNBA Finals MVP?A’ja Wilson
Which team earned the first road win of the 2023-24 NBA season?Suns
Which season of 2KTV features the first segment of 2KTV vs. the World?Season 7
Who dished out the first assist of the 2023-24 NBA season?D’Angelo Russell
Where was the first game of the 2023-24 NBA season played?Denver
Who picked up the first team win for Team 2KTV?Danny

Answers for Episode 9

How many points did Tyrese Maxey average last season?20.3
Which New Balance athlete won the NBA Championship last season?Jamal Murray
What position is Shakedown’s MyPlayer Community build in Season 2?Shooting Guard
Which NBA team was the first to win four in a row this season?Nuggets
Which NBA team was the first to lose four in a row this season?Grizzlies
How many points did Damian Lillard score in his first game this season?39
How tall is Shakedown’s MyPlayer Community build in Season 2?6’8”
Which NBA team drafted Darius Bazley?Jazz
Which MyTeam card can you obtain at Level 40 in Season 2?Wilt Chamberlain
The NBA In-Season Tournament features how many pools of teams in each conference?3
How many MyPlayer builds have you made?Any (Reward is 2KTV Clothing Item)
Which Badge improves a player’s ability to make spin dunks and layups?Spin Cycle
Which NBA team was the first to win three consecutive road games this season?Warriors
Which NBA team was the first to win three consecutive home games this season?Clippers
The NBA In-Season Tournament Championship will be played in what month?December
How many teams are in each conference?15
Who is the current commissioner of the NBA?Adam Silver

Answers for Episode 10

Victor Wembanyama was born in what year?2004
Victor Wembanyama scored _ number of points in his third NBA game?38
How many blocks did Wembanyama have in his second NBA game?5
How many workouts can you do in the Gatorade Training Facility each week?Up to 5
How many workout stars do you need in order to get a second body type?50
What archetype is Brotha Jones’ Season 2 community build?Hybrid Lockdown Defender
What position is Brotha Jones’ Season 2 community build?Small Forward
What is the wingspan of Brotha Jones’ Season 2 community build?7’6”
How many potential Hall of Fame badges does this build have without any changes?6

Answers for Episode 11

In a MyNBA LeBron James Fantasy Draft, which player has the highest overall rating?LeBron James
Who is Chris going to draft with the second overall pick?Kobe Bryant
How many Badges does LeBron James have at the start of MyNBA LeBron?66
How many MyNBA Eras are in NBA 2K24?5
Which 2KTV member won the first MyNBA Eras title?Blake
Who drafted the highest overall center?Blake
Which member of 2KTV won the second MyNBA title?Brian
Who would be named NBA Finals MVP in this simulation?Derrick Rose

Answers for Episode 12

How many years has the NBA 2K franchise been making games?25
In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second _ of October.Monday
What is your favorite Thanksgiving side dish?Any (Reward is 2KTV Clothing item)
What is the wingspan of Solo’s community build?6’9”
What archetype is Solo’s community build?3PT Shot Hunter
What position does Solo’s community build play at?Point Guard
Solo’s Community Build has a 92 Ball Handle and in what other rating?Three-Point Shot
In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth _ of November.Thursday
Which of these is possible in both Pro-Am and Rec?Five Minute Quarters
Who scored the first 3-Pointer for Team Community?Solo
Who is playing center for Team World?Lele
Who scored the most points in this game?Brotha Jones
Which member of 2KTV threw down some flashy dunks in the first half?Brian
What do you think the center should do?Any
What season of NBA 2K 2KTV are we currently in?10

Answers for Episode 13

Which Hall of Famer is featured in Season 3 of NBA 2K24?Allen Iverson
What MyCareer reward can be earned at Level 15?Nutcracker Top
What was the first event held at the Signature Event Center?Poseidon’s Reef
What MyTeam reward can you earn at Level 3?Player Card
What is Brandon Miller’s archetype in NBA 2K24?Shot Creating 3 Level Threat
Which overall pick was Brandon Miller in the 2023 NBA Draft?#2
Which of these attributes does Brandon Miller have the highest rating in?Driving Dunk

Answers for Episode 14

No player had more points in Season 2 of NBA 2K24 than?PoorBoySin
Who was the first player to make 80 3-point shots in the NBA this season?Steph Curry
Which center can you acquire by completing six feats in Season 3 of MyTeam?Hakeem Olajuwon
Which MyTeam player can you earn by getting 1,000 cards?Bradley Beal
Which new MyCareer NBA template has a 99 rating for stealing the ball?Gary Payton
Who was the first NBA player to reach 35 steals this season?Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
Who was the first NBA player to get 50 blocks this season?Brook Lopez
@NBA2K revealed this team was the most selected in MyCareer?Lakers
@NBA2K revealed this team was the most selected in Play Now?Lakers
Which NBA rookie has the highest rating?Victor Wembanyama
Which Timberwolves currently player has the highest rating in NBA 2K24?Anthony Edwards
Which Celtics player currently has the highest rating in NBA 2K24?Jayson Tatum
Which player was the first in the NBA to reach 170 assists?Tyrese Haliburton
Which NBA player was the first to log 630 minutes this season?Jayson Tatum
Who was the cover athlete for the first four installments of NBA 2K24?Allen Iverson
Who was a special edition cover athlete for NBA 2K17?Danilo Galinari
Are you planning to compete in the NBA 2K24 Logo Gauntlet?Any (No VC)
In New Gen MyCareer active saves, the NBA In-Season Tournament can be played in the?Next Season
Who was the first team to hit 16 wins this season?Timberwolves
How many NBA games are on Christmas Day?5

Answers for Episode 15

Which NBA team won the most championships in the 1990s?Bulls
Who won the first championship in the 2KTV MyNBA Eras league?Danny
What is your favorite thing to do in MyNBA?Any (reward is 100 VC)
What year was Eras introduced in NBA 2K?NBA 2K23
The Kobe era starts in what year?2002
Which of the following is not an Era in NBA 2K24?The Historic Era
When was MyGM introduced in NBA 2K?NBA 2K14
Which Pink Diamond is the reward in the ‘Tis the Season MyTeam collection?Kobe Bryant

Answers for Episode 16

Which two NBA cities have the largest distance gap between one another?Portland & Miami
Which NBA team won the most road games last season?Bucks
Who has played the most games throughout their NBA career?Robert Parish
When was Streetball added in the NBA 2K series?2K24
Who are your first two teammates in Streetball competition?Tom & John
How many Streetball courts are in NBA 2K24?3
Which game mode will you play the most during the holidays?Any (reward is 100 VC)
Who recently became the youngest player to get 1,000 3-pointers?Luka Doncic
What city is Young Wayne from?Chicago, IL
Which of the following is not a street character in Streetball?The Ice Breaker
Which team had two players on the all-NBA In-Season Tournament team?Lakers
How many points did 2KTV lose in last year’s holiday game?32
How many points did King Jordan score with Giannis last year?56
Which team was the runner-up in the NBA In-Season Tournament?Pacers
In NBA 2K24, who has the highest rating among the Knicks’ players?Jalen Brunson
Which team knocked out the Bucks in the NBA In-Season Tournament?Pacers
Which team eliminated the Knicks in the NBA In-Season Tournament?Bucks
In last year’s 2KTV holiday game, Chris wore a beanie featuring this team?Lakers
Who was the first NBA team to win 20 games this season?Celtics

Answers for Episode 17

Which team won the inaugural NBA Cup?Lakers
Which player scored the most points in the NBA In-Season Tournament?Tyrese Haliburton
Which Free Agent card is available at Level 1 of Season 3?Michael Jordan
What is Victor Wembanyama’s second name?Nonga
Which 76ers player has the highest Mid-Range shot in NBA 2K24?Joel Embiid
Which Cavalier has the most Badges in NBA 2K24?Donovan Mitchell
Which player is a Pink Diamond in the ‘Tis the Season series?Kobe Bryant
Which Buck has the highest 3-Point rating in NBA 2K24?Damian Lillard
Which Badge helps finishing around the rim and smaller defenders?Masher
Which of these modes does not have an option for Squads?Starting 5
Who is the youngest player in the Celtics’ lineup?Jayson Tatum

Answers for Episode 18

Tyrese had 40 more _ than any other player in the In-Season Tournament.Assists
Tyrese Haliburton averaged just over _ assists per game in the In-Season Tournament.13
What kind of pass do you make when you press Shoot + Normal Pass?Jump Pass
What level of Bail Out Badge does Devin Booker have?Gold
This Badge speeds up this player’s badge if they just received the ball?Touch Passer
How many times has Jimmy lost when competing on 2KTV?0
Who scored the first and last bucket of this game?Jimmy
Which Badge improves a player’s Euro Step and Cradle Finishing ability?Two Step
Which Badge increases the chance of a blow-by when attacking close to the basket?Big Driver
Which Badge reduces the chance of getting stripped by a defender?Unpluckable
Who is your contact for all Winner Takes All Performance Multipliers?ATM
Which Badge is limited to Season 3?High-Risk

Answers for Episode 19

What is the Level 15 reward for MyCareer in Season 4?Fox Mask
What direction on the D-Pad performs a Dribble emote?Down
Who do you think will win this challenge?Any (reward is 100 VC)
Back in Episode, who won a Starting 5 game for 2KTV?Danny
Who is the only coach to be ejected from the NBA All-Star Game?Red Auerbach
How many times have you made Level 40 in 2K24?Any (reward is 100 VC)
Who is the Level 40 reward in Season 4 of MyTeam?Magic Johnson
Which MyTeam game mode have you played the most?Any (reward is 100 VC)
Which Affiliations won the most events in Season 3?RISE

Answers for Episode 20

Who won the first two NBA Defensive Player of the Year Awards?Sidney Moncrief
Who is the only NBA player to win the Finals MVP but lose the series?Jerry West
What year did Jerry West win an NBA Championship?1972
Who leads all active NBA players in career steals?Chris Paul
Which NBA All-Star recently signed a three-year extension?Kawhi Leonard
How many times per day can you vote for the NBA All-Stars?1
Which NBA coach recently signed an eight-year extension?Erik Spoelstra
And in which NBA All-Star Game did Spoelstra coach Team Durant?2022
Which player won the December Player of the Month award in the West?Shai Gilgeous-Alexander
Which player won the December Player of the Month award in the East?Giannis Antetokounmpo
Who holds the record for the most offensive rebounds in history?Moses Malone
Who holds the record for the most defensive rebounds in history?Kevin Garnett
Which Badge improves the player’s ability to defend post moves?Post Lockdown
Who won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year Award last year?Jaren Jackson Jr.
Which Badge reduces chances of getting crossed over?Ankle Braces
Who leads all active NBA players in career blocks?Brook Lopez
Which NBA team started 20-0 at home?Celtics

Answers for Episode 21

How many NBA franchises have won three consecutive championships?3
Who was the last NBA team to win back-to-back championships?Warriors
Who was the first NBA 2K League team to win back-to-back titles?Wizards District Gaming
Which active power forward has the highest Driving Dunk rating in NBA 2K24?Zion Williamson
How many NBA franchises have won at least 10 titles?2
How many teams will advance from the NBA 2K League 3v3 Open Qualifiers?8
How many Hall of Fame players have also won 1,000 games as an NBA head coach?1
Which Hall of Fame player also won 1,000 games as an NBA head coach?Lenny Wilkens
Which NBA franchise won eight consecutive championships?Celtics
The NBA championship is named after who?Larry O’Brien
How many NBA franchises have won back-to-back championships?6
How many times have the Lakers and Celtics faced each other in the Finals?12
Who has won the most championships in Team 2KTV’s MyNBA league?Blake

Answers for Episode 22

Who is the only individual to win an NBA title as player-coach?Bill Russell
How many NBA championships did Bill Russell and the Celtics win in a row?8
Which NBA team’s mascot is named Crunch?Timberwolves
Who is credited with making the first 3-pointer in NBA history?Chris Ford
Which NBA player is known for his unique hook shot?Kareem Abdul-Jabaar
Which player averaged more than 48 minutes per game in an entire season?Wilt Chamberlain
Who is the only player to win Finals MVP with three different teams?LeBron James
Who is the first undrafted player to make it to the Basketball Hall of Fame?Ben Wallace
How many NBA coaches have won multiple championships with two different teams?2
Who won the first NBA Finals MVP?Jerry West
Who won the 1968-69 NBA MVP?Wes Unseld
Wes Unseld also won this award in the 1968-69 season?Rookie of the Year
Which player scored the fastest 3-pointer in the NBA last season?Buddy Hield
How many NBA players have scored at least 20,000 points?51
How many NBA players have scored at least 30,000 points?7
How many players in NBA history have scored a quadruple-double?4
Who is the only NBA player to record two quadruple-doubles?Hakeem Olaujuwon
Who was the top pick in the 2K League draft?BenZo
Who is the only NBA player to get 30.000 points, 10,000 rebounds, and 10,000 assists?LeBron James

Answers for Episode 23

Which superstar was on the cover of NBA 2K24?LeBron James
What is the minimum games requirement to be eligible for the MVP?65
Which NBA team played the most OT games in the first half?Bulls
Lunar New Year 2024 celebrates the year of what animal?Dragon
Which NBA legend has his #6 retired league-wide?Bill Russell
Which point guard has the highest rating in NBA 2K24?Luka Doncic
Who played the most minutes in the NBA last season?Mikal Bridges
Which of these is not a reward in Season 4?2024 Socks
What year did the NBA merge with the ABA?1976
How long did Kareem hold the all-time scoring record?29 Years
What year did NBA add its 30th franchise?2004
Who has won the most NBA titles as a head coach?Phil Jackson
Which 2KTV team member won the last MyNBA championship?Blake
Which throwback is a new MyCareer point guard template?Jason Williams
Arvydas Sabonis is a new template for what position?Center
Where will NBA All-Star Game Weekend be held?Indianapolis
This is the _ time Indianapolis hosts the All-Star Game?Second
Who is not a 2024 NBA All-Star starter?Devin Booker
Where will the 2025 NBA All-Star Game be held?San Francisco

There are also opinion-based questions in which any answers are valid.