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May 27, 2020
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There’s nothing like a chill time playing some wholesome games with cute furry animals in it now does it? Dogs are a man’s best friend after all, and there are days where enjoying the company of animals is better than another human being. With that said, here are some animal based games that you could enjoy.

AWAY: The Survival Series

This documentary-esque game is breathtaking in its visuals as you play as a sugar glider trying to survive a world that is threatened by climate change. This is just one of the many other factors threatening to end your life as a survivor at the bottom of the food chain. The release date for this game was set to be 2020, but we are not given an exact date just yet.

Players will be able to do everything a sugar glider can do, with a slight enhancement to their abilities. As a sugar glider, you will be able to jump and glide up to 50 metres from place to place.

The game hopes to encourage players to reflect on their actions and the ongoing ecological crisis that is threatening the survival of the world. All of this is done in the perspective of a small marsupial to provide a different take on the genre, as most games in this genre use the perspective of humans instead. It is eye opening as it is breathtaking.

Lost Ember

Lost Ember was released at the end of 2019 and players are placed in the body of a wolf trying to guide a lost spirit to the city of light. Along the way, players will rediscover past memories and reasons as to why they were reincarnated as a wolf rather than transcending into the city of light.

Aside from that, players will have the ability to possess any creature they see in order to cross through the various terrains and obstacles placed on their way to the city of light. Both wolf and spirit will discover their self identities, cause of death and how they were connected before they died.

Players will traverse through amazing vistas and breathtaking landscapes to get to their end point. The sound effects such as the galloping of a herd of buffalos and rushing water immerses players deep into the world, giving a rush of satisfaction.


Magic and cats, what more could you ask for? This game is a complete recipe for those who are into family friendly, wholesome content. Even the publishers have stated that they wanted to create a game that would make players feel “soft, happy, cuddly and cozy.”

Players will be running a cat cafe that never closes, have crops that never die and pets that will never leave. All the animals in the game are interactive and players can even ride on giant cats as well as use magic potions to change their environment and animals. There is an explorable village where players can go to find new animals and cats; even befriending fellow witches, magical girls and townspeople. As expected, all the animals can be petted, befriended and played with.

The game is said to be releasing in the Summer 2020 window on Steam, and will be available on various other platforms after.

Garden Paws

A fun animal RPG simulation game that has been released on Steam and is coming to Nintendo Switch this December. Garden Paws is a game that is rather similar to Animal Crossing, so if you enjoyed that, this game could be the next step for you.

In this game, players run a shop to earn coins for building up a town. Bridges will need to be built to reach other islands in order to explore them as well as caves to collect things to sell in the shop. There will be quests for players to complete and villagers to interact with as well. Over time, more villagers will sail to the island with their specific quests and items to sell.

Another thing to note in Garden Paws is that players can tame and raise animals - some of which are labelled Legendary such as the Unicorn and the Legendary Beetle. These Legendary animals can only be found under certain circumstances or by meeting certain requirements.

Best Friend Forever

Best Friend Forever is an adorable mix of a dating simulator and a pet simulator. Basically in this game, you are looking for a dog and a date at the same time, two essential companions to an otherwise mundane life.

The main character of the game just moved to a new city and downloaded an app called Woofr, which was described as, “for people who love dogs who love people who love dogs,” which is a mouthful string of words. As players go along in the game, your dog will interact with your character and the narrative as it happens. Players will also get to spend quality time raising the dog’s stats in order for them to pass Paws Academy.

Naturally, players will be interacting with a diverse set of local singles in their search for the ‘one’ as this is a dating simulator. The game will be available August 27th on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Last but not least, the icing on the cake - Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Making an animal based game without the inclusion of Animal Crossing seems almost like a sin at this point. This is marked especially due to the virality of the game since its release.

This latest installment of Animal Crossing takes place on an island for a dreamlike vacation. Everything seems to be fully customizable in this game from the terrain and topography to the camera angles that players can use to take artistic pictures with. Players are given full freedom to decorate their islands and each furniture is fully customizable to suit every players’ needs.

There are four seasons in the game as well as a southern and northern hemisphere, which is based on your preferred location. Aside from that, there is a co-op mode where you can have up to eight people play together and share an island. Another option would be to visit another person’s island through the airport and play with them there. All in all, Animal Crossing has indeed made its name known globally, so it would be a shame not to try it out.

These are some of the more interesting animal based games currently out or are releasing soon, that we think you should try out. What do you think? Do any of these games interest you? Leave your thoughts below.